GBTV’s visit to the concentration camps

Just watched GBTV program on his trip to Germany and the concentration camps. The video was way more than I expected and was very emotional. I think this is a place every human should visit those camps so one can see the inhumanity we as humans are actually able to put on one another.

People need to quit ignoring that fact that even today in modern times Iraq and many Muslims want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. If they say it – they mean it. The Germans long ago said they planned to kill the Jews and they did. So when these people say they want to kill you – they mean it. I woke up on Sept 11th 2001 and have been awake ever since. I think a lot of people who woke up on that date, have gone back to sleep.

Many are more worried about their social status, how much money they make or what party they got invited to. I hope we as a people do not have to experience another defining moment to wake them up again. Pray for our country – pray for our leaders – and pray for humanity.


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