Blocked on FB

Facebook is a choice. You choose to join or leave, you choose what friends you want to have and which ones you do not. You have to either ask someone to be your friend or they have to ask you. We all know we have relatives. Relatives are not a choice in life and you are related by birth, marriage of some other family tie. But on FB you get to choose who can see what you say and even if you want to see what they say.

So far I have about 10 people BLOCKED on FB. Why? Because I do not want to see what they say and I do not want them seeing what I say. If you are one of those people (relative or not) that is my choice. If does NOT mean I hate you, it just means that we do not share any common interest, nor do I want to carry on a conversation with you on FB. Which also means I may not have a conversation with you face to face and we probably will not be hanging out together. Now if you choose to take it PERSONALLY, that is on you. I have no problem if you block me on FB.

My life is fine with the fact I blocked you and if you’re is not, sorry about it but you may want to get over it and move on, I have. These are my views and no one else’s so get over that as well. Plus the thing is, your not reading this anyway because remember I have you blocked.


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