Halloween, Thanksgiving & Christmas

HALLOWEEN: We have people that will NOT celebrate Halloween because they say it is a pagan holiday. Maybe so. I remember as a kid we used to take a pillowcase, go door to door, after dark, get tons of candy and guess what? We turned out OK and we were safe.

THANKSGIVING: Thanksgiving — History.com Articles, Video, Pictures and Facts This is the holiday where all the ones you love, like, and even the Uncle Eddie from National Lampoons Christmas vacation will be there. They will show up, eat too much and complain about how miserable they are now that they have eaten enough to feed a group of starving children in Ethiopia for a month. Do we really give thanks? Probably not. The above link may provide some insight into the history of the holiday. We have had Thanksgiving at our house for years and when we do we have 30+ people, great food and a great time. I do in fact enjoy Thanksgiving, even though I do eat too much, like many others do. But what the heck. It is only once per year.

CHRISTMAS: http://www.history.com/topics/christmas Now remember not to say “Merry Christmas” to people or you may offend someone. Every year it is the same old thing. Make sure your politically correct. NOPE, not me. I plan to say MERRY CHRISTMAS and if it offends you, get over it. If you’re Jewish and I know you are I will gladly say Happy Hanukah to you and mean it very much so. But if you’re and atheist and do not celebrate Christmas, then I was to see your ass at work that day! Anyway, we have had it at our house a few years and many celebrate it with their own immediate family. We may be changing our tradition next year and spending it with our son,his wife and our grandkids for a change. Sure won’t be as hectic as it is at our house with the 30+ again. We may even take a few times and head to one of my sisters for a change for Thanksgiving. I think the KY family can handle it without us once in awhile. They did when we were in the Army and away from home.

My 2 cents


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