This is some thoughts about the four words above. Evolution or to evolve and Creation or to create, Faith is belief in something you can not prove, and Happiness. I believe in Creation and evolution. WHAT ?!? you say. Let me explain. I believe in creation as explained in the bible. I believe God created the heavens and the earth, man & woman and I believe it by faith. So what is faith. Faith is believing in something that you can not prove. For instance, The explorers that sailed with Christopher Columbus had faith that the earth was not flat. Everything they had been told was that the earth was flat and that you would sail off the edge and die. Can you imagine the crew getting on those ships, sailing off into the ocean on faith that they would not sail off the end of the earth and die. WOW. Faith is also someone like Noah being led by God to build the Ark. I am sure he may have even questioned himself. I am positive others did. An Ark, are you crazy, out of your minds and plane loco. He has faith that it was God telling him these things, to build the Ark and that the animals would come and yes there was going to be a flood. Today if that happened they would probably arrest the person and lock them in the nut house. Faith is works with no proof to back them up. Faith is taking the action but not being able to prove why you may be doing what you’re doing. Faith is believing that something is, was, will be, and just knowing. I know there are tons of other examples but I think you got the idea. Faith without works is dead. But let’s get back to Evolution.

Evolution is a process. For instance, when a boy & girl meet, become boyfriend & girlfriend, then they evolve into a marriage. Now we all know that when a new couple meet, they fall in love and emotions are high. They constantly touch each other, hold hands, kiss and are generally all over each other. Then time passes and they evolve. Soon all the touching, hand holding, kissing and generally all over each other slows down. Are they not in love anymore? Not really, they are evolving from having to claw all over each other into a more mature relationship. Now they do not show the “public affection” but they show a deeper love and attraction in the privacy of their own home. In public they still may hold hands from time to time, say I Love You openly but the clawing all over each other has now moved from public display to the privacy of their own home. They may only be intimate once a week, then as they evolve, once a month. Is that bad? Not really. They have moved to a level where they may be very happy without all the touchy feely stuff on a daily basis. They love on a deeper level. They evolve. Does everyone go this route, nope, but many do.

One day as their lives evolve, they have children. This is creation! They have come together in the most intimate way in love and they two have created a new life. The child or children are born. This is a very big change. Maybe you used to travel a lot, stay up late as you want, etc. But now there are children. They are a very big responsibility. They must come first and are under your care for many long years. When born they need the adult to do “everything” for them. They too evolve and grow. Soon they can hold the bottle, then crawl, talk & walk, then get themselves dressed, then off to school where they meet the boy or girl and the cycle of creation and evolution turns full circle. Everybody is happy! Nope they are not. Sometimes people change, some for the better, some for the worse, but I think we all change over time or a better word is we evolve. One can evolve into a bad person or a good person over time, but we all evolve.

Jeffery Daimler was created as a good child. He evolved into a monster. George Washington was created a good child and grew into a great man. Some say it is the raising. I think this is partially true. But I also know that as time goes on you have the option to make your own choices and evolve into a good person. The Earth, Mankind, etc were all created in the beginning, but once that point in time passes, we start to evolve. That is where the choices in life are in our court to play as we see fit. We too can change course (while not easy at times) but we can change, when we truly want to.

In the end one must be happy. Many make decisions in life that they think will make them happy, and they do not. Sometimes it works out, other times it goes really bad. None of us have a crystal ball to see how our decisions in life will turn out and sometimes we have to go on our faith that we are making the right decisions. Either way, the decisions we make are ours and we must live with them, like it or not. Jails are full of people who made very bad decisions. The grass is not always greener on the other side. Hell will be full of people who make very bad decisions. We all look back in life and see things we wish we could do over. I have made many decisions in my life and most have turned out good. But I give credit to a woman (my wife) whom has stood by my for a very long time. She has steered me in the right direction more times than I would normally care to admit, but if not for her I would be a lost, miserable soul in so many ways. I said one must be happy. I am happy, I am blessed, and I am alive and I would not change a thing because every event in my life has made me who I am today. I am happy!

Yes I believe there is a hell. If one believes there is a heaven – then one must believe there is a hell. And the righteous will inherit the kingdom of heaven, the unrighteous will go to hell. I hear so many people who when they talk they sound like EVERYONE is going to go to heaven. WOW! And you see it from people who are not living according to Gods word. I hope they are right, but I think not. We ALL fall short so many times. We talked about faith earlier. This is what I would call false faith. I think you can have faith in things that are wrong. I have faith that if I climb this high building and jump off God will protect me. Guess what, your possibly going to die. I left my keys and purse in my car and God will watch out for me and not let anyone take them. False faith again. I live my life the way I want and God knows my heart. God DOES know your heart and maybe better than we know it ourselves. And maybe you living a false faith in getting into heaven. Have you ever just known something is right and been positive of the outcome only to find out “everything” you though was wrong and the outcome was way off. You were wrong and very surprised you were wrong. Everybody is NOT going to heaven and some are going to hell. And many will be surprised, in my opinion.

In closing I just wanted to make a few comments on Evolution, Creation & Faith. These are my opinions. Many are very passionate on these subjects and that is their right. I want to close by saying God Bless, hope you enjoyed the article. 


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