What, I am only 30 yrs. old, I don’t need a Will! Yes you do. Visit the graveyard and see how many people are there your age or younger. Do you have children, are you married, divorced, separated, you need a will.With a Will you can ensure that your wishes are fulfilled. But when I die what will I care! Then don’t get one, the choice is up to you. But here are something’s to consider and ask yourself.

  • Do you want to be buried or cremated? Where?
  • If you have children under 18, where do they go or do you want the state to decide that? Foster home?
  • Have you got a divorce lately but not updated the will, guess what? You stuff could still go to your ex.
  • Have you been separated, but never divorced and don’t want your husband to get anything, guess what, he gets it all with no will. It goes according to the law. Your children and all you belongings will possibly go to the ex if you’re not divorced and do not have a Will.

Maybe you do not have much, but you can still have a will and you never know when that car wreck, or other sudden cause of death may come. I am sure no one really expects to die suddenly, but it does happen. If you do nothing else but type up something on the computer with the words LAST WILL & TESTAMENT at the top, date it and get it notarized with witnesses and signatures, this may be all you need. But do it. Also consider a power or attorney and a Living Will. Do you want to be kept alive by a ventilator, tubes and hooked up to machines just to keep you going? Do you want to donate any organs? these are decisions only you can make. and once your incapacitated, you may not even have the choice. So make them known “in writing” while you can. Once you are 21 (possibly even 18) you should have these documents and ensure someone is designated “in writing” to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Then again, maybe you really do not care. If so then someone will decide where your stuff goes, who gets your kids, and how and where you will be buried. Maybe they can donate your body for science. I have a Will and work to keep it updated as family events change how or where my things will go. It is a living document that can and must change as your life changes. Do not wait until it is too late.


One comment on “LAST WILL & TESTAMENT

  1. This is an item I have mentioned year after year. Please ensure you have a Will, and discuss this with someone you trust as an executor of your Will. But put it in writing.

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