We Were Soldiers

This may sound strange to some and maybe not so strange to others. I just watched We Were Soldiers and these thoughts came to mind.

While we plan for the festivities this weekend, the giving of gifts, helping those in need, and celebrating the birth of Jesus, Son of God, I sat and watched the movie “We Were Soldiers” and wondered whom would get that knock on the door. Whose Christmas would be shattered and life changed forever. Who was hoping for a call from some where far away, but got the worst news you can ever get.

I have knocked on the door for the fallen to notify the loved one of their loss. I have carried the casket, fired on the 21 gun salute team, and presented the flag to the wife of a fallen soldier. Every one of these events I performed has touched me. They have made me sad. They also made me proud of how we as soldiers perform out duties with respect, duty and honor to those fallen.

Even in the season of joy and of birth of the King of Kings we still have a war going on. Men and women are far from home and some will die over the holidays. Pleases keep their families in their prayers and those who perform the task of notifying the next of kin. Please keep our American fighting men & women in your prayers, not only now but all year long.

We Were Soldiers


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