They …

What is it with people these days: They say they will call – and they don’t. They say they will help – and they won’t. They say they are concerned – but want to be left out of it. They say the care – but their actions prove they do not. They want others to do – but leave them alone. They provide information on social networks – then get mad that they have no privacy. They want a great looking neighborhood – but do not want to help it get that way. They want money – but not a job. They want you to be the bad guy – but keep them out of it. They want the Gov to care for them – but they have never contributed. They want –they want – they want but when it comes time for them to contribute – they cry they cry they cry. One day, when their bubble burst, things go to crap, they lose it all, they better not come crying to me because all hell is going to break lose and then they can take their sorry self and walk away crying.


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