COAL – Are you that stupid?

Take a look at this link. Now please tell me where your electricity comes from. Right now the electricity that you are using to look at this page, Facebook, and the internet come from coal. Statistics show that you get about 40% to 52% from coal. If coal companies go down, where will our electricity come from?

Now let play a little thinking game here. The Gov want you to buy a Chevy Volt. So you buy one, and you drive it to work. When you get to work, where do you plug it in at? You drive to the market, where do you plug it in at?

Now lets say they start setting up places where you work, shop, etc to plug the Chevy Volt into. Who pays for that electricity? Will your company you work for pay for that electricity? Lets say you go to the market to get groceries or go shopping, you plug it in, do ya think that cost is not going to go to the consumers? Are you so stupid to think the cost for the electricity you use to charge your vehicle will NOT get passed onto the consumer. Then think again.

Now one more thing, how much do you think it will cost for these businesses to have an electrician come to their business, run all the wiring, set up the plugs outside for (how many cars) and at what cost. So stop and think about this and what coal does provide.

Coal cost about 4 cents per KW hour. Wind, solar and the others coast approx .28 cents per KW hour. Now when you look into coal, that have cleaned up their emissions by approx 96%.

New laws are being worked up to limit coal companies ability to stay in business. If they are shut down due to the massive REGULATIONS, how many jobs will be lost. In some areas and towns, the major population works for the coal company and if this happens, you can have entire communities, towns and villages become unemployed.


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