My stance on sharing

My stance is this: I earned every dime I made. I share with whom I want and not with the ones I do not want. I decide where and what I spend my money on. And I worked my way from not having a dime to buy a newspaper, raising 3 kids, living …in a leaky 20 foot trailer in a dumpy trailer park on the east end of town. I worked two jobs at a time just too barely get by. My wife stayed at home and partly because the cost of a babysitter or daycare would outweigh her wages. Once the kids were a little older she went back to work like before the kids came along and has worked in Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Utah, Indiana and back in Kentucky again.
To anyone who does not have as much as you want (or need), work two jobs, do without, keep cutting where you must and keep at it and one day (maybe) you will get to where you want to be. No one is promised fame or fortune. You must earn it and some never get there. If you say “that’s not fair” I say this “life is not fair, but it is life and sometimes it sucks”.
There are others across the Earth that don’t have a computer to be on FB, do not electric to run a computer, don’t have a home to have electric. Some do not have any freedoms at all and barely have the basic of food and clean water.
The fact remains that we will all die in the end broke with no possessions to take with us. You may pass them on but you will leave with the same thing you came into the world with – nothing as far as material things. Be happy you have your life, health and your freedoms. There are many whom have much less than these and are content.
I used to “have not”, but instead of asking others for theirs, I saw what the “haves” had and looked at what I was capable of to achieve my personal goals for life. It was not easy but again I earned it and NO ONE GAVE ME ANYTHING – nor did I ASK THEM TO.
All I needed was “the chance” to succeed.

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