2016 The Movie Obama’s America

2016 The Movie

I am sure some of you think I “HATE” Obama. I do not. I do not agree with his policies as POTUS, the direction he and his admin are taking the country. I think he thinks he is doing good, but I am not sure on that sometimes. I do not pray for the POTUS every day, but I have prayed for him to be kept safe and for God to guide him. I hope nothing bad happens to him or his family. I do NOT think he is the antichrist or any crazy talk like that.

I am open to listen to other views and I also watch CNN, MSNBC and yes Fox news as well. I watch The Blaze News and look at the Drudge Report as well. I try to look at many informational avenues and then judge for myself. I try to keep an open mind but I also know what I have learned over the past few years – tells me we are in very big trouble. Some of you never (or seldom) watch any news. Reality shows are NOT reality, they are entertainment that is planned for ratings and nothing more. Some of you say, I can’t watch the news it is too depressing. I watch it to know, be informed and be somewhat prepared, because some of you will wake up one morning and wonder what the hell happened and say, why was I not told. Because you had your head buried into “REALITY SHOW” that are nothing like reality. The people in Syria that are dying each day know what is reality, not many in America where we have to make sure we have our weekly shot of Jersey Shore or the Kardashians, The news (on various channels) is reality. People are dying in Syria and can care less about Jersey Shore.

There was a movie (documentary) by Michael Moore called Fahrenheit 911 on Bush, the 9/11 attack, etc. There was many lies in in and yes some truth. In that documentary I had to consider the source(s). Now we have 2016 The Movie from a person who not only lived in Kenya, but understands many of the thoughts from that area of the world. This documentary has Obama “in his own words”. Hard to dispute that. I tried to gather family members from both sides to go see the movie. I expected many to not go. Some are die hard Democrats and I respect that as well. I hope “everyone” can keep an open mind and regardless of party affiliation, will look at the facts and vote for the country, not themselves, their unions, or their party alone.

Now for my comments from the movie. First off I can say this movie was not about “BASHING OBAMA”. I am not going to tell you all the details, because you need to see if for yourself. Many of us have never know much about Obama’s past, his associates, his childhood influences such as his father, mother, who help mold him, how he felt and thinks. This will help you understand that. Where did he live, who did he live with, etc. He came out of nowhere with a message of HOPE & CHANGE and for many that is a fantastic message. But what was his HOPE & CHANGE and what is your HOPE & CHANGE. This may clear that up for you. I can say I did not see things that say Obama is a Communist, he is a traitor, he is the antichrist. A lot of this film was from a man born the same time, same area, and has so many similarities to Obama that he related to him and was trying to understand him.

For me personally is was not a lot of great revelations or new information. But then again as a military man I have always tried to be informed. And since 9/11 I have watched 95% news and 5% other TV shows. So I am very informed. And no I do not watch only Fox News. I watch a lot of CNN, MSNBC and others as to stay balanced. I try to be open and watch other views. But I can also say that I did learn many more things from the movie. Many in his own words, from people who knew his father, his mother, his half-brother.

So in closing I can say that if you are not going because you think they are BASHING who you believe in, you voted for and are going to vote for again, I understand, but I also encourage you to go see it with an open mind. And if after you see it you want to vote for Obama, I say, that is your choice. This is still America and there will always be differences of opinions. NOTE: you will also see a few comments against Bush’s spending, but I will leave it at that. Our future as a country is at stake here. If is not time to close our minds, bury our heads in the sand and say “the hell with you”, I am voting for Obama, no matter what you or any stupid documentary says. If you have children, go see the movie, if you care about your future or your children’s future, go see the movie. But please go see the movie. The movie is not some hate fill rant against the POTUS. If it was I would tell you so. It is not some racist rant either. It is “information” for you to consider. Again please go see the movie.



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