NEWS: Many of you do not watch any news or very little news. So I am sure you have never heard of Agenda 21, FEMA Camps, UN Gun Control and so much more. You also got very tired of seeing my posts about the past election. I am not going to stop posting information that plans to take our freedoms away little by little. Many of you may have even removed me from the newsfeed so you do not have to see my posts. Many of you will wake up one day and say “what happened”. I hope not, but I think you will. I still go to Army and other regulation web sites and many of these things are in the works.

BOOKS: Some of you may even think I am crazy. I watch Glenn Beck and have read The Overton Window. That book was based on Faction. The story is fiction thriller based on many items of fact. Glenn Beck has a new book out now called AGENDA 21. It too is a FACTION Thriller. There is in fact a UN plan called Agenda 21. And it does make plans to reduce the population, set up camps take away your guns and your right to own land. Don’t believe it? Just because you do not believe something, does not make it not true. At the end of the book are notes where they tell you the items that are FACT.

PREPPING: Many of you have seen the show PREPPERS on TV. While these are EXTREME for TV ratings, they do provide ideas to consider. We PREP but not to the extent the TV show presents. Some say, what if a meteor hits the earth and destroys it, what will you do and my answer is simple – die !. I ask what you would do if HYPER-INFLATION happens. Prices double every 24 hours. What would you do if we had an earthquake and several bridges went down, supply lines were cut off for weeks or months. You could not get to the store to restock for food, water, supplies. Do you have any plan at all? But we spend money of all the things we want to make life “cool” and spend tons of money on SMART PHONE that do everything except dress us in the morning. And if you have a plan or supplies, do you have a way to protect it should looters & criminals try to take it from you. How many of you have homeowners insurance for fire, tornado damage, etc? Why? Then why would you not have some type of way to insure you have food, water, heat, etc in a disaster? Think NOTHING will happen? I hope you are correct in your assumption. I am sure the people on the east coast did not expect things to be this bad. They also expected the Government to provide for “all” of their needs. We are somewhat prepared for short term problems such as a few months. How long can you last, 3 days, a week? If something did happen, are you prepared – at all? And the funny ones will say, I will come to your house. What if you cannot even get to my house? Not much of a plan is it?

SMALL THINGS: There are small things you can do. Stockpile a little food, some water in 2 liter bottles, stick back some canned items and rotate the stock before the expiration dates. Even a little may help for a few days. What if your power goes out for a week? We lost power for 9 days, but we were able to get to other locations as needed. Take a while and think about “WHAT IF”


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