How is it that the POTUS comes out for a press conference when we are trying to resolve the fiscal cliff and the only crap he has to say is the we would like to reach a deal but things in Washington DC never seem to get done. They always seem to have to get down to the wire before they do. I wonder – is there even a fiscal cliff or is this just some huge snow job for the people? And if there is a real fiscal cliff who is in charge in DC – anybody? I thought HE was the POTUS and the leader of the United States of America. Yet while we get closer to the SO CALLED cliff he heads to Hawaii for fun in the sun, golf and to hit the gym as we get closer to the so called cliff. And to top off their total inability to get things done, they get a raise in pay! WTF is the matter with ALL of our elected officials?

Then the news comes out with a SPECIAL BULLITIN that “we still have not reached a deal”. Then one group stops people on the street and shows the regular person on the street how much their taxes will go up all of a sudden they say WOW – I cannot afford to pay an extra $3K or $9K or $12K or more per year in taxes.

Go ahead and put you head back in the sand morons, don’t watch the news because it is depressing you and then when the shit hits the fan you can wake up, rub the sleep from your eyes and say – HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN !!!! And yes – both sides are to blame over the years


One comment on “BREAKING NEWS on the FISCAL CLIFF

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