Weapons 101

Some information on what people call an ASSAULT RIFLE:

The upper part is the barrel and the bolt mechanism. No serial number on that part because it is not the critical part of the gun.

The lower part is the part with a serial number. That is where the rate of fire comes from. For instance the selector switch is in the lower assembly. This is where the military versions come into play. The lower part of the rifle allows you to change it from SAFE to FIRE position. The early 70’s version called the M16 & M16A1 and A2 allowed another setting for automatic fire. This is NOT an option on the civilian models at all.

The 1970’s version was adopted from the civilian version from a company called Armalite. This is where most got the term AR and then the media and others started calling them Assault Rifles (AR) which they are not. This is what one of the videos shows those who want to watch and learn. There is a difference.

FYI these are NOT sold to the public and are strictly controlled:

SAW Squad Automatic Weapon M249 (M=Military) rate of fire 750 RPM
M60 Machine Gun (M=Military) rate of fire 500-650 RPM
M16A2 or M4 (M=Military) rate of fire Semi-auto – 40-60 RPM, Full Auto – 700-950 RPM

I was a trained Weapons Repairman, Supply Specialist and Maintenance/Logistics NCOIC who was trained in the weapons area. So I do know just a little bit on the subject.

If you have a civilian type 5.56 rifle that “looks like” the military versions, here is what you can do. You can have a lower like I have and you can buy an upper that will change it from a .223 to a .22 or even to a 6.8 or even a 7.62. You do not change the lowers because that does very little if anything. I am not trying to be sarcastic to anyone but people in general do not have knowledge on these things and make comments all the time. I am as ignorant on flying the space shuttle and they are on weapons. Ignorant means unlearned. I am ignorant on many things but I do know Military weapons such as the M16’s, M4’s, M249, M60 and even the 50 Cal M2 Machine gun. I have fired them all many times and have worked and repaired them. I know how they work. People on the news are calling these guns we buy at the store machine guns and assault rifles and they are neither.


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