What will it take ?


What will it take to turn it around? I am going to say something totally off the wall for all of you. I am glad Obama got re-elected and there is a reason why I say that. All of you have heard that the alcoholic must hit bottom before he/she changes.

We as a nation are heading towards Greece and other European countries. We are slowly losing our freedoms little by little. We are letting go of liberty. We now have Constitutional Scholars who are questioning why we still follow the Constitution. It slows down changes and progress. True that is does and it was intended to do just that. Part of the reason is that this way one person or group could not change the Constitution or an Amendment due to a crisis like Sandy Hook or Columbine or others tragic events.While these events are tragic, we can not – we must not change our Constitution based on these. Some would outlaw all guns and gather them up from us. Remove our rights altogether. This is the reason for the 2nd Amendment. To fight off a dictatorship and an oppressive Government. We can not let that happen. We must not let that happen.

They want to take God out of our schools, our buildings. The 1st Amendment was written so the Gov could not create a Gov sponsored & run Official Church. Some have taken it to remove all reference of God from our Gov buildings and calling it separation of Church & State. They have it wrong and it is easy to know this from the Federalist papers. But as usual we continue to let them do it because we are so passive, we don’t care enough. Once day it will be too late and we will shake the sleep form our eyes and say “what happened and how?”

I am beginning to think that America has to hit bottom before we turn back the clock and realizes we need to get back to things like: family values, sitting down at the table as a family for meals, saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag, school prayer is allowed and saying the word God is not a crime, we stop all the violent video games and movies our children are viewing, we stop with the time-outs and provide real discipline for our children (not child abuse either you morons), and we get back to helping each other. Where we make it where people are uncomfortable in their poverty and they actually look for work instead of looking for a way for the Government to take care of their every need.

We reward hard work by allowing those to keep the fruits of their labor instead of taxing them to the point they no longer desire to work hard, grow their business or create, knowing all too well the Government will step in to redistribute it to those who neither desire to work or produce.

My hope is America will not fail and turn into a forgotten dream or a failed idea. If that does happen I feel we as a planet will be doomed to become an oppressed people world wide.

Please stay awake – get informed – get involved. They are.

This was not copied, moved or created form some other person or site. This was written by me personally – Ken


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