No longer sleeping

Some of us have been sleeping for years. Some have not. I was sleeping before 9/11. And afterwards I could not say much because I was in the Army. After I retired I went to work for the Dept. of the Army as a civilian. Government employees DO NOT have the same liberty as a regular citizen does to say what they want or feel. I have been very verbal now that I no longer work for any Government agency. And to anyone on FB that does not like it you have a few choices. #1 ignore me, #2 unfriend me, #3 block me, #4 exercise your freedom of speech you have enjoyed while I had to remain silent. But I will not be silent any longer.


I wish we could continue to be friends on FB or Twitter but if you decide not to that is your choice. Some of you and I have disagreed and I have tried to treat you with the same respect I expect. If you do get to a point of no return in my opinion I will exercise #2 or #3, no problem. I can say this. If you stay my friend you will continue to see post from me that show that I am a I love and believe in America and the Constitution and the max freedom possible (not anarchy) and the least Government intrusion possible (be we must have some Gov). We may not agree on each item but I will use these methods Web page, Twitter & FB to expand my freedom of speech to all who will listen.


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