# murdered by their own Government and why the 2nd Amendment

Before I get into the 2nd Amendment. Have you noticed that there are 10 Amendments that were all ratified and passed at the same time. There was a reason for that. Read them all as a group, then read them again. the 2nd Amendment is part of a larger meaning when you read them as a group and look at the Federalist papers. Why do I and other want or feel we need a weapon that fires semi-auto. #1 because it is our right and #2 to fight back and defend our lives, the lives of our family and our property if need be.

11,283,000 killed by Hitler between 1933 & 1945. Figure only represent institutionalized killings

5,200,00 German civilian & military dead

28,736,000 Europeans killed during WWII as a result of Hitler’s policies

3 million killed by the Government of Cambodia between 1975–1979

61,911,000 killed by the Soviet Union 1917-1987. But only 54,767,000 of the men, women & children put to death by the Communist Party were officially Soviet citizens

During WWI the highest leadership council of Turkey’s Young Turk Gov decided to exterminate every Armenian in the country, whether a solder already on the front lines fighting for the Gov or a pregnant woman. This Gov institutionally killed their own famous scholars, religious leaders, children and ardent patriots of their own country. All two million of them,

Some say we could never fight against our own Gov if they decided to kill their own people and that may be true, but the world would at least see us give our own Gov a fight if it ever came to live or die. We hope and pray it never comes to that. But just in case we have the right to be ready to defend ourselves.


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