How do I feel & if you see I am gone here is why


OBAMA: I respect the office of the POTUS. I do not hate Obama, Michelle or their family. I do not agree with his policies. I hope that he and his family are kept safe from harm by anyone and I am sure the secret service with do a great job of protecting him and his family. I did not hate Bush, I did not agree with many of his policies either. I did not hate Clinton, I disagreed with many of his policies. Hate is a strong word and I do not like to use it.

POLICIES: I am not a right winger, gun nut or tea bagger. I do not like calling those on the left, left wing nuts. I am sure many of you feel that the Democrats are doing many great things. Providing services for those less fortunate is a good thing, but when does it get out of control and when do people expect the Gov to wipe their butts. Many things are taken to the extreme. If you pay people unemployment to the point that it never ends and what you pay them is so much that they do not need to work, why would they work when they could get it for free form the people who do work. The money the Government takes in comes from someplace and that place is the working people of America. Sooner or later the Gov. will run out of money (they already have) and you can only print money for so long.And most have the idea just to tax the rich more, increase the prices more. Another short term fix.None of this will last for long. And if you look around even in your own families you will find people who have never worked or only worked for a few years getting food stamps, welfare, free phones, having babies one after another as the medical cost are passed to others who work. And each new baby adds to their welfare income and free housing. When does this end. Probably never because young people everywhere see it as a money maker for them. People have changed their though process and do not consider working hard as a virtue or a way to make their life better. Some still do but most only want the Obama phones, the welfare checks, the food stamps,the free housing. But the fact is somebody is paying for it. The Government is but where does the Government gets its money, form the working people.

AMERICA: America is going to fail and fall in the next 50 years if we do not change our way of thinking. We have lost our way in my opinion.We need to go back in order to move forward and survive. But I personally think – it is to late for us.I think that the prepping thing is more and more something to consider.And no not for the end of the world, but prepping to go back to the days when you grew your own food, took care of each other, became self sustaining. I hope I am wrong but I do not see a bright future for our children in America. I really hate even saying that but things are not getting better. And if they do I think it will only be better for a few and only for awhile. Kind of like when someone dies, the body gives it one last shot, seems to improve and then just lets go and dies.

I AM – an American, a retired soldier who served his country for 30 years. I took an oath to support and defend the constitution. That oath had no expiration date on it. If you never served your country, so be it. Many cannot due to many reasons. Some do not because they made the choice not to. For those who did and do – thank you for your service.

I am a gun owner who will use mine in self-defense if I have to and I am a Christian regardless of what was posted from Current TV personalities or others on FB about how you cannot be pro-gun and a Christian. For you judgmental bastards – kiss my Christian Mule. That should give you something new to write about.

I am for freedom for all Americans. I am not perfect and I evolve as I grow. I have changed how I feel over time for many reasons. Get over it or kiss my mule. I have friends who are gay, biracial, of other origins, etc. They are my friends. I chose them and they chose me and we are friends. If you and I are not friend on the anti social media, get over it. My friends on FB, Twitter and other types of media are my choice and if your not included, get over it.

FACEBOOK or TWITTER: You see so many posting all kinds of lies and other crap and for all of you who stand by them that is your choice. I respect their right to say what they want but I too have the right to block those who agree with those comments. I am not in some stupid contest to see how many “friends” I can get on FB. I would rather have 20 good friends than have 500 people I do not like, agree with or have little or nothing in common with. And FYI: it takes a little more than being related somehow.

So if you all of a sudden see I am gone you will know why. I am not stopping your freedom of speech either, so get over yourself. You will continue to say what you want to those who stand by you and you still have that right to continue on. I however will not have to see your stuff, nor your friends who support your stuff. That is my choice. It is the same things as unsubscribing to a channel on the TV.

I also have a Twitter account and a blog which I can block comments from as well and will do so on a needed basis. If you think it is personal, then that is your right to think so. I just choose to not see your comments, post or read your opinions. You have the right to do the same to me. I am OK and sleep well at night, every night.


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