Three and a half minutes you need to hear & then read my opinion – please.

I am not sure why or where this came about. But I can honestly say this. I hate to but I must, because sometimes the truth is hard to hear. Agree or not is your decision, but I have to say I agree with this 100%. America, the land that I love, the government I spent 30+ years serving, the place I call home. We have either lost our way or are sooo very close to losing our way. I for one was taught to work to earn a living. Even if it was more than one job, even if it was a crappy job, but I was taught to work and to work my way up in life. To over time achieve things through “MY” hard work, not through handouts from the Gov., the state or from others.
We (wife & I) started in a leaky 25 foot trailer with no AC in a dumpy trailer park. We now live in a 200K home that we worked our way into over 40 years. During that time we lived in a lot of dumpy places but as time went on they got better and better. There is no magic wand that all of a sudden “poof” you live in a mansion. Get used to it.
I started working at my dads Sporting Goods store. He did not give me money, I earned it. I worked my way up doing jobs for my day, mowing lawns, picking up night crawlers (worms) for .01 cent per worm and he sold them for .35 cents per dozen. I thought that was very fair. The more I picked, the more I made. Bought my girlfriend (now my wife of 40yrs) roses and a ring with worm money. And I was damn proud I bought them with money I earned, picking worms after I did my homework for school. I loved my parents and what they taught me.
I hope that one day we can turn things back around in America, but the more I see of the younger generation, the less I think that is possible. I think that because we have become a people who say where is my share, why does he have more, when do I get handed mine? I also see less God (not the Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal or the Mormon church) but G O D  in people lives. Judging? If you open your eyes I think you can see the ones without God and those with God and them the many who are trying to be a good person. No man or woman is perfect, but we must try to do good to our fellow person. I find myself sad sometimes because I wish for the past. I want to wish for the future, but I personally do not see a lot of good in our future. I hope I am wrong. To close I will say this again, we USED to be a great nation, we are no longer an great nation, but I hope we can again become a great nation. Hope is not dead – YET….

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