Raise minimum wage to $9 per hour ?

My opinion: If you are a low pay employee you say “hell yes” but if you run a business you may wonder how you will pay all your employees the higher rate of pay. And if the law says you must – you then decided how many people I let go to make this higher payroll. So does it help or hurt the employees? If you’re the one who get kept you make more but now have to do more to make up for the lost manpower the answer is yes to more pay but no to more work. If you are the employee that lost the job, the answer is simply – NO! Again I say, read NEW DEAL or RAW DEAL. Government intervention usually does not end well for the general population. Thank FDR and a few others for starting the progressive movement. And for any of you who think Hillary Clinton would be a great president. She is (in her own words) and early 20th century Progressive and she would do far more harm to the USA than Obama – IMO



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