Gun Control is Treason

Copied from a FB posting by: Scott Conrad, 8 year LEO, Army Guard Veteran, Constitutionalist

For those of you on the fence about gun control, let me clarify some things.

Gun Control is Treason

Agenda 21 is an Act of Treason against the United States Constitution, and any person willing to subject the people to give up any UNALIENABLE right is guilty of the same. The 2nd Amendment was listed as the 2nd Amendment for a reason.  It takes the back burner to only one other amendment, the 1st.

The Liberal Media‘s Agenda.

They will have you believe that the AR in AR15 stands for “Assault Rifle“, when in fact AR stands for Armourlite. “High capacity magazines” are not high capacity, they are “standard” capacity. Now the media is attempting to ingrain in every US citizen’s mind that these magazines be call “assault magazines”. Do you see the trend? They want you to believe that EVERY firearm is automatic, which in fact, they are not.  Your standard AR15 Sporting Rifle is semi-automatic, just like a handgun.  There are already regulations on fully-automatic weapons.

Big City Liberal Logic

If gun control is the answer, then Chicago and New York, by all accounts should be the safest places in the US.  In 2012, it is reported that Chicago had 532 murders (source: The Weekly Standard) Already this year, 2013, Chicago was at 40 homicides as of January 28th. And I don’t suppose there has been any gun related deaths in New York this year with all these new regulations the state has passed. (insert sarcasm here). Oh and remember, ladies, if you’re getting raped, piss yourself or vomit on the perpetrator as a deterrent, instead of having a firearm for self defense.

Sandy Hook

If laws can prevent this tragedy then it would not have happened in the first place. Adam Lanza stole a gun, it’s illegal to steal a firearm. He executed his mother, it’s illegal to murder. He transported a loaded weapon, transporting loaded weapons are illegal in Connecticut. He broke into a building (school), with is also illegal. He shot innocent people at the school, murder is still illegal. He shot himself, which is illegal. IF LAWS AND REGULATIONS ARE THE ANSWER, THEN THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!

Colorado Theater Shooting.

The media did not report, or reported very little the fact that James Holmes didn’t go to the theater nearest to him. Or even to a few other’s closer. He went to the one that had posted on its doors, “Concealed Deadly Weapons Prohibited”.

The Gun is a Tool, the Mind is the Weapon

I’m working on a graphic to better illustrate this.  Let ‘s look at the deep root of the issue.  If Lanza wanted to, he could have just as easily drove a vehicle into a crowd of children loading/unloading a bus.  The vehicle; a tool.  The same goes for any inanimate object.  A rock, a hammer, and bat. The issue is the person’s mental state.  “Well, if we make guns inaccessible, then he could not have murdered those kids.” Tell me again why people are overdosing on heroin?

I Carry a Gun, because the Police Officer is too heavy

There have been numerous accounts since the Colorado Theater Massacre and Sandy Hook shootings where armed, law-abiding citizens have stopped shootings with minimal casualties. Again, the progressive media rarely if at all reports this.  Now, I’m not going to go into great detail with this, but if you solely rely on the police to protect your family, then you’re an idiot.  The best defense against a violent criminal is a well armed and trained citizen.


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