Response to Rush Limbaugh’s “I am ashamed of my country comment.”


Rush Limbaugh said he was finally ashamed of our country. I understand why he said that and do not fault his comment at all. My opinion is this: I am ashamed of our leadership on BOTH SIDES. If America was a business we would have filed for bankruptcy long ago. The leadership by our elected officials is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. They create emergencies like the sequester or the fiscal cliff, wait until the last hour of the last day and then act like they save the day when they finally come to something they call an agreement. Why does it have to work that way? So they can SAVE THE DAY AT LAST. Our wonderful politicians have saved the day once again and kept our country from the brink of disaster just in the brink of time !!!

The POTUS on the sequester commented that he supported it, signed off on it and that any plans to go around it would receive a veto. Now he blames those in Washington for not working to stop this. Where the hell does he think he is at? He is in Washington and he is the leader of Washington. He also amazes me that he goes on a vacation the exact times that these things need to be worked on. WHY? Would a CEO of a business that is getting ready to crash & burn go on a vacation of golf outing with Tiger Woods? I think not! My opinion is he is be far THE WORST President of the United States of America ever. Bet Jimmy Carter is relieved.

Then the POTUS stands in front of the American people with police & fire fighters behind him saying they will lose their jobs if the sequester goes forward. First off most police & firefighters are paid by their city state and local Gov and not the Federal Gov so they will NOT lose their jobs. And the few that do, well sorry but sometimes stuff happens. But guess what – people everywhere will believe him when he says they will lose their jobs. Good reason to ensure we protect the second amendment since there will be less police – ya thunk !

As far as Gov being shut down and civilians being sent home with no pay. I was in the Army when this happened before. The civilians get sent home for a week or two, the politicians work things out, civilians are called back to work and guess what? They get their pay from the week or two they were off, the do not get charged any leave or vacation time for the week or two. So they get two weeks off, still get paid for them, but did not have to work during that time period. WOW talk about a sweet deal.

Both and I mean BOTH Democrat and Republican elected officials are to blame. DO YOUR DAMN JOBS WE PAY YOU TO DO. If you can not – then QUIT and go home. I do not really give a damn what you do or how you pay your bills anymore. Both sides have almost DESTROYED our country. Mostly the Democrats & Progressive Socialist Communist and the corrupt unions. Why do you think the USPS is so damn broke – UNIONS – period.

One light in the darkness: I am very impressed that Rand Paul (for the second time) has actually turned money back to the Fed Gov. I say to every Republican elected official – follow Rand Paul’s example right now! If you do you will win the respect of the people. Not sure what Rand Paul’s future plans are but I vote for him for treasury RIGHT NOW. And depending on what he does in the future – possibly for President.

As far as my stance – I am not ashamed of MY COUNTRY – I am ashamed of our leadership – period. I think that is what Limbaugh means, not that he needs my interpretation of what he said.


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