Get your FREE copy of "The Essential Federalist Papers" – The Federalist Papers


Get a FREE copy of “The Essential Federalist Papers”

Thomas Jefferson called the Federalist Papers the best commentary ever written about the principles of government and even though more than 200 years have passed it’s still the best.

The challenge is the 85 Federalist essays are written in an old style of English  and most Americans will never take the time to go through these magnificent documents and it’s a shame.

To make these important documents easy to access we went through all 85 essays and pulled out the most important passages and organized them by topic.

Listen to what others have to say:

– “The Federalist Papers is a challenge for the average 21st century college graduate. Thankfully, The Federalist Papers Project has published an easy to understand document which categorizes key quotes from the Federalist Papers. I endorse this for anyone to get … especially if they want to truly understand what it means to be “We the People.”

– “These quotes demonstrate the depth of thinking that our Founders had. Our Founders, through these quotes, continue to advise, guide and teach us if we will heed these words. Great tool and an inspiration.”

– “The Essential Federalist Papers” is a great resource. On every important political topic you can quickly find the insights of the founding fathers. If you’re new to the founding fathers, you’ll be surprised at how timely their ideas and thoughts are. If you’re already acquainted with them, you’ll have a great reference tool. Highly recommended for everyone who has eyes to read and wants to know what America is all about.”

Get your FREE copy of “The Essential Federalist Papers” – Today!

Get your FREE copy of “The Essential Federalist Papers” – The Federalist Papers


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