Happy Easter ?

Happy Easter? Why the question mark? As I was walking my dog this morning at the end of the road, there was a calm. No wind, no rain, a special stillness. The birds were chirping very loudly. It is Easter morning and he is alive and risen from the dead FOR US! SI I decided to have a talk with none other than God. WOW does that sound stupid or what. Not to me. I still talk with my mom & dad and they passed years ago. As I walked and talked I was saying -what have we become as a Christian people? I thought back to the days when every time God was taken away – people find something else to worship. A golden calf, statue, etc. Now we must have money, the biggest house, and some turn to drugs and alcohol. Why because we as a people MUST fill a void. And most of the time we fill it with everything EXCEPT GOD.  We all have done it – including me.

We are no different today. We have taken the death & resurrection of Jesus who was given so we can have life and made it into a Easter egg hunts where parents act non Christ like to make sure their children get their “fair share” of eggs and toys. Then we added a rabbit and lots of candy and turned the resurrection into a commercial bonanza for the candy makers. True is supports lots of jobs, but is it what we want for the meaning of Easter


We’ve done the same thing for the birth of Jesus and we call it Christmas, spend billions of dollars on toys when we should be using that money to help those in need. If we are well off our kids get the best toys or the expensive bikes, purses, or remote control toys or now the best X-Box or WII games money can buy while others go with nothing or very little. And our children grow up knowing Christmas as time to get what they want in the way of toys from a chubby guy in a red suit with flying reindeer. Again what have we become?

The question:

The real question is are we willing to as a people change this. The answer is NO. Why – so we do not offend people for one thing. But as I was talking to God I also said we as a people have done all we can to not offend others while at the same time “we” have corrupted the defeat of death by Jesus and his rise from the tomb and the birth of Jesus long ago. How have we allowed ourselves to let this happen? We have made it happen. Am I guilty of these things, sure am. As guilty as all the rest of us. How can we ever change this. Time – that’s how. It took years to get to this and it will take years to change it into a celebration of how these holidays should be. They should never be about gifts, toys, candy for our children but about celebration of the two major events that affect eternal life. Children learn what we teach them. We learned what we were taught. Will it change? I think not, but we can try. But in my opinion, one day, it will change in the twinkling of an eye, with a sound of a trumpet, IT WILL CHNGE like it, believe it, support it (OR NOT).

Happy Easter

Now tell your children what Easter is really about for a change


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