Dreams I’ve had lately

Had another vivid dream last night (10 April 2013). Bible verse in Ezekiel in my dream. Not sure but the numbers 5 and 20 were involved but there is not Chapter 5 verse 20. Maybe it was 20 verse 5. Maybe chapter 5 through 20. Glenn Beck was at the house and told me to read these. Seemed so real. This is not the first one either.

OK here is what I found. The number five and twenty were in the dream but he did not say Chapter 5 verse 20 but 5 and 20. So I started reading in Ezekiel and here is what I find as I am reading along. I get to Chapter 11 and verse 1 and there it is ! Read it for yourself.

UPDATED: 31 August 2014

Some history: Some time ago I tried to get together  a newsletter for our community. In doing so there were two couples (The Steele’s and The Moore’s) who for some reason did not like that. The Steele’s whom I found out later were not well liked by “anyone” so I guess I got caught in the middle. Then the Moore’s who he is a member of the Kentucky National Guard (which I figured as a fellow soldier) we could work together. I guessed really wrong on that one. Turned out his wife was the woman from hell and even spread lies to another close by subdivision. Truly amazing people!!!!

Anyway – the dream was at a time when I was at my wit’s end as what to do and even considered moving from the area. Then the dream came: The Moore’s & Steel’s both live to the East of me and the only entrance to and from the subdivision is through an EAST GATE (Ezek 11:1) Not sure of the meaning of five and twenty is yet. But anyway I have stayed in place to see what happens.

While at Lowe’s the other day I ran into a neighbor (a good one too) who lives up by the Steel’s & Moore’s. He gave me some information that I will not say here and now. I want to wait and see what happens. Sometimes we must sit back and wait. For me that is hard sometimes, but wait I must for now.


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