Neighbors & Friends

Are your neighbors your friends? Should you be friends or just neighborly? I try to be neighborly only and there is a reason for that. There is an old saying that you can pick your friends but you can’t pick your family. That is true and the same is true for your neighbors.

The family part is that you will have them for life – like it or not – period. You may as well get used to that. If there are people you do not like you can only avoid them so long. Try to be cordial to the ones you do not like and move forward with you own life. You may only have to see them at family events and that will be OK as well.

Neighbors: well that can be an issue in itself. In my opinion you will at some time have neighbors you HATE, ones you LOVE and others that you can care less either way. I like the ones where you can care less either way. Let’s say for instance you have a neighbor you love. Something bad happens and now you want nothing to do with them. I prefer to keep my neighbor contact as cordial. I wave, we talk once in awhile, and I may provide a helping hand, other than that I prefer to not engage them much.

This method provides stability in a way where you are not in a feud with them, but yet they are not IN YOUR FACE or SPACE when you do not want them there. Most all of my neighbors close by are neighborly and I like it that way.We watch out for each other, help when it is asked or we see the need, but try not to be intrusive. If you have neighbors you love and you do things together, that is great. If you do not then my hope is that your contact is neighborly & cordial.

This is the opinions of the writer & editor


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