Syria, Videos of Chemical Attacks, what to do?

OK I saw the videos on the chemical attacks.CNN had them on. And they are really bad. And yes someone needs to do something. But if we go this alone we are going to kick up a hornets nest we may never recover from. We seem to get into a world of shit but never have a plan to WIN! That needs to change once and for all.

Syria has killed 100K and we have done nothing. Why? Why has no other country done anything either? Of that 100K, how many were children? How many had their heads blown off by a rifle shot to the head? How many have had their arms or legs blown off and body parts throw every where? Terrible ways to die for any human being.

But what if you saw videos of people to include children being shot, hacked with machetes in Africa and other countries. What about all of them? When will HUMANS quit butchering HUMANS. We call ourselves civilized, humane, compassionate HUMANS. Many times there is no fair fight. I take innocent unarmed people and march them to the side of the road and blow their brains out from behind. We as humans are barbarians and have been for centuries. Will we ever stop? NO! We will not. We will fight over religion, land, riches, women, control, freedom and anything else we can perceive worth butchering another “human being” for. We have been killing each other for thousands of years and we will continue to do so.

So do we go into Syria, killing more to stop the killing. We had to in WWII. Yes we HAD TO because people were being gassed and butchered to death. Is war, killing, butchering another human ever justified? That is hard to say. Some will say YES so loudly it will hurt you ears. Some will say there is no justification for killing another, none at all. I however think there are times when it is justified but most of the time there is no black & white. No clear – we all agree 100% with NO RESERVATIONS.

So back to Syria. I’ve seen the videos. They are terrible. It should be stopped. But the entire world needs to see the evidence. All of the evidence. and that means the Syrian people as well. Their Government. Take it to the UN with all in attendance, show the videos, show the proof and tell the UN that if they are NOT on board with this, then they need to be removed from the UN bld in the United States, tell them all to gather what they can, leave US soil, and cut off all funding to every aspect of the UN because they are worthless. And if the United States of America has faked, falsified, conjured up this evidence and NOT verified exactly who did what then we need to fire any & every politician that voted for this and that included the President, Vice-President and all of his staff, Kerry, Rice, Hagel, etc.

One last note: Almost all religions of the world teach a supreme being (GOD). They mostly teach peace, love and understanding. I am not sure if any of them say, Kill, Maim, Butcher & Murder everyone who is different than you. I do not “think” there are any out there that teach that. Not sure. But if you follow Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi or the many others I think they all at least teach you to care for one another. So why do we so call civilized humans do what we do to each other? If I had the answer I could possibly solve the problem. Will we get better? Probably not. Will we survive? Who really knows. I only know that we must have hope for a brighter future, filled with peace. If we lose that hope – we are truly lost forever.


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