Obama Speech 9/10/2013 & my views of it

Obama’s Speech to “we the people”

So he tells us what happened in Syria, how bad it was, it is in our national interest & a threat to us & that we must do something and he has decided to do something.

But then says because it is not a threat to the US, he is going to Congress which he does not “have to do”. But NOW I asked Congress to hold up on their vote (because he knows it will not pass). And that if we do not act it will embolden others to use WMD. But if we do other bad things can happen because Syria may attack others in the region.

Russia to the Rescue” But we will let Putin take a shot at this to see if diplomacy will work. So now that he has DECIDED TO ACT, we will ask for Congress to approve the act, but now we will not ask Congress to approve the act I have decided to take. Anybody remember that WHO’S OF FIRST SKIT?

The entire thing was ALL OVER THE PLACE for me personally. He did a great job of wasting 15 min of TV time when even Honey Boo Boo would have been more informative. OK I am joking about Honey Boo Boo.I think he just did a great job of convincing the American public that he is by far the most clueless POTUS ever.


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