Truckers Strike/Protest planned for 11-13 October 2013 Editors comments

As far as this truckers strike/protest in October, here are my thoughts on it.

Before all you drivers get upset with me on my comments understand that if you were to do this to raise awareness for something and were to do this for a week, I’d consider supporting it. But it depends on the cause or the reason. But I do not think 3 days will make any impact and if it does it will be very small.

A 3 day shutdown over a week-end will have almost no effect. The most it will do is raise some awareness and that may be a good thing, depending on what the reason is for. But overall it will no very little except cause driver to work even harder after the stoppage, and may even cause some to lose their jobs if they go against their employer.

Owner operators will be taking $$$ out of their own pockets. If I was a owner operator I would not participate. If I was a company and my drivers did this and it caused deliveries to not get to the destination on time as promised, I’d be firing me some drivers. So who does that help in the end – no one.

The bikers were in DC because of the Muslim gathering that turned out to be “zip”.

So what exactly are the drivers planning to prove? I think there may be a better way. You got to think things through. I do agree that if all drivers stopped (over a period of time longer than lets say one week, we would “start” to feel effects. But 3 days will be only a bump on the interstate.


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