If you follow social media and what to find your elected official–here is your link


Welcome to the Senate page. All Senators are listed alphabetically by state. Each office’s use of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS feeds and Flickr are tracked, as well as other forms of social media a few offices are currently experimenting in. Campaign pages (which under Senate rules must be kept separate) are dealt with on the Senate Campaigns page along with their respective challengers. All of the icons are linked and clicking on them will take you that Member’s specific social media page. You can move the mouse over the icons in the “Other” section to learn what type of social media they link to.

The columns are sortable. Click on the arrows in the header column to sort. Learn more about advanced sorting here.

Social Media accounts with a * next to them indicate that the account listed is a campaign account and not the office account. I include those ONLY when there is no official Senate office account AND the campaign account is treated by the Senator as their primary account. It would be misleading to say they had no official account when they tweet 3 times a day on their campaign account.

Facebook accounts with a ^ next to them indicate Facebook profiles and not fan pages. Profiles cannot be ranked.

Accounts with an § next to them indicate that the account is not linked from their Senate.gov page. It’s a lot easier to learn if your Senator uses social media if they publicize it. We believe it is important to point out when they fail to do so.

Accounts with an indicate that the account is known to be updated by the Senator personally and not staff.


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