The Orange Mailbox

There are always people who have less or more than others in life. Nothing will ever change that 100%. When you drive down any street in America you will see huge expensive homes and you will see the normal size home most middle class American can afford. You will also see some run down shacks. And when it comes to trailers, single or double wide, they can look awesome, especially inside. Some don’t even look like a double wide from the outside anymore. But to each person this may be their home. It may be the best they can do or afford. As long as they are happy – that is all that matters, because the house is a structure. What makes a home are the people. Take the people out of “any” home and it will soon start to decay. There are many who are only one payment away from being homeless. And some of those are living in huge million dollar homes. There are those who live in a small sort of run down little shack, but they own it free & clear. They may even have a few $ stuck back.

But here is my issue. I live on a street with some nice homes. Most take care of their places. We do have restrictions that helps to keep the place neat & clean. Garbage cans are to be kept from in front of your homes out of sight, mailboxes are all of a like type. And each of us are required to have some landscape around the foundation of our homes along with a few trees in every yard. Many of the people here are older, but we still have many younger ones with children.

We have only one individual that stands out. He is in the Kentucky National Guard. He is a Sergeant in it. He is one of a kind. They got their home really cheap through HUD and only paid about $60K for this home that once sold for $120K. And that is great for them. But the problems is that these people have decided they are not going to put up and foundation evergreens around their home. They also decided to keep their trash can in the front of their home and many times they keep it out by the curb for several weeks. This past week they decided to take their mail box & post that is like all the others on the street and paint it orange. No one else on the street has ever done that, nor do I think they would ever do that. Not even for Halloween. I am taking about the entire mailbox and post & base. Looks like a pumpkin orange.

I do my best not to label people. I know some call others white trash when they are poor and don’t have much and I know that some may have even called me that long ago because I was living in a dumpy place, barely got by and worked two jobs just to get the things we needed. But when you can’t move your trash can out of your front yard (sometimes two of them), you park your vehicles sideways in your driveway or yard to hide behind them and you spray paint you cast aluminum mailbox & post pumpkin orange while all the others on the street are black – you are white trash. And the fact he is in the Kentucky National Guard and is a Non-Commissioned Officer is a total embarrassment to me personally.

In the end I guess you can call it his freedom to do so, but we have rules in the subdivision just because of stuff like this. I actually laugh when I drive by because he is only making himself look bad. Actually in uniform he reminds me of Bradley Manning, which looks like a 12 yr old in uniform. OH well. He sure knows how to bring attention to himself.


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