WTH – Right before Thanksgiving

I am amazed at some people. My brother-in-law and I are called RIGHT WING NUT JOBS because we do not bow down to King Obama or his ideals and vision for the country. Last time I checked I thought we had that right to not support & defend the POTUS. In my (I only speak for myself) opinion I think Obama is dividing the country, he is destroying our present health care system (Yes it does have room for many improvements) and making our society into a dependent one as in socialism. Many of us feel that way.

I can expand in so many areas but that is not the reason for these comments. The reason is because we have a nephew who thinks Obama can do no wrong. Obamacare is fantastic, illegal immigrants should be allowed to stay and given a free ticket to include free healthcare, drivers licenses, schooling in public schools for free and so on. He has the right to be for what he want to be for. I can understand why he feels the way he does with so many “people” he knows personally who are on the FREE TIT. Note: remember somebody paid for the free tit you have in your mouth. 

But back to the title of this post. My brother-in-law says he has not commented on Bill’s (we will use the name Bill for the hell of it) for almost a year. I blocked Bill for the past est 6 months on FB and therefore he does not see my stuff, nor do I see his. But I was told that TWO DAYS before Thanksgiving he commented on FB about what to say at Thanksgiving to your crazy right wing nut job uncle starts to bash Obamacare. I for one have always done my best to NOT discuss politics at events such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Plus I have long since moved past Bills comments, feeling or beliefs and actually not even given them a thought for months.

So why 2 days before Thanksgiving did he do this? Because he is an idiot who want to draw attention to himself. And to top it off Bills family thinks WE are picking on him and therefore he is scared to come to the holiday events because he thinks WE will treat him bad.

Here was my plan for Bill at Thanksgiving. Get ready it is really a big surprise. I had NO PLAN. I had forgot about him, his issues and all the other crap that went on. And to top it all off, I have no problem with him having an OPIONION of this stuff. We just disagree. But my plan for him at Thanksgiving was (I HAD NO PLAN) – DUH.

But “now” is another story – since he (Bill) brought it all out again and is making it an issue. I plan to walk up behind him, ask him if he wants to see my gun (for the Army a gun is not what you think it is) and watch him pee his panties then faint. I “was” going to be cordial (sorry but that is the best I can do with Bill) and enjoy time with my family. This year was going to be the least stressful holidays of them all, until Bill decided to wake a sleeping giant. Oh and I AM GOING. He has indicated he may not show up and that will be fine with me. More food and we are sure Bill not being there will not effect the donations for the hall rental because he is known to be too cheap to donate for stuff anyway.

Sorry – almost forgot. This is my weapon, this is my gun, this is for killing, this is for fun. Never call a pistol, rifle or other weapon “a gun”. You figure out what a gun is.


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