Plans for 2014

First of all, we have a dog named Tipper. She has been with us for 16 year. When family was not there, “SHE WAS”. So our very first priority is Tipper. Some may think that is stupid, but I can tell you that Tipper has been a better friend than some family has even been. So if it come to going to see a family member or taking care of my old friend named Tipper, then Tipper gets taken care of. If they do not like that then sorry but too bad. I am not sure how much time Tipper has left because she has stage 4 congestive heart failure. For anyone this upsets, get over it. She was there when you were not.

Tipper closeup

Once she passes away we plan to NOT get any pets for a while. Many have said that we can not see you without a dog, and while I agree, we want to be without one for at least 1 or 2 years. Our first trip may be back to my home town – Pontiac, Illinois. We have to go see my sister in Ohio. Have not seen her in a long time. I owe her a lot of gratitude for all she did while I was young. Need to head to a town named Livermore, Kentucky. Next will be Florida since we have never been to Florida. After that maybe California. Never been there either. (I take that back – I was in LA and Fort Irwin California but that was with the Army and was not for sight-seeing.) Have to head back to Wisconsin as well. And off to Vegas to the casinos at least once. My brother-in-law and his wife take trips from time to time and we may head someplace with them. Always wanted to do that.

That is our plans but again it depends on our Tipper. And as usual, keep saving $$$, paying off the house and being prepared. Every trip we take will have the funds avail “before” we commit to the trip. Got to keep my friend Dave Ramsey happy you know.


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