How did we get here – Part Two

In each post there are items that are copied form other sources. They will be marked as such. Other than that, the comments are my own.

How did we get here – Part Two: As stated in part one we have been through a lot as a people. Years back we had problems, murder, atrocities and injustices abounded. But as families went we took care of our own. We were taught to take care of our own. We knew it was the right thing to do for our parents as they got older, we took them in, we took care of them until they died. If there was a child in need in the family we took care of them too. While I am only in my 50s I can say that I was taught this way as well. But even my age group started to stray away from this idea.

You see, many years ago families did not travel far from one another. You were born in a town or area, you grew up there and you died there. Yes there were exceptions, but that moving away was NOT the norm. As the interstate systems, and travel became available to more and more we as a people ventured out. Away from HOME to other areas, states and even countries. A man met a woman, got married and then left the mother & father and moved away. That is now the norm. And there are times when you needed to do that just to survive. Other times people just wanted to get away from others, where they were born, from family or maybe just wanted to live someplace else. As time went on THIS BECAME THE NORM.

In the 1940’s FDR came up with a NEW DEAL. What was it. Well FDR was a big Gov guy and he was the President of the USA for 4 terms. Not 2 terms but 4 terms. No other President had ever been in office for 4 terms. And shortly after FDR died the 22nd Amendment was ratified 27 Feb 1951 in the Constitution. No president will serve more than 2 terms. WHY? Because what FDR was able to do in those 4 terms changed the country FOREVER.

Out of FDR we ended up with a lot of Gov programs, such as Social Security. If you understand the initial plan you would know how it was to work. You paid into the system all you working life and when you reached age 65 you got a check from the Gov. Not this was never intended to be YOUR RETIREMENT but was to help you. Not here is the reach shocker. Again you were to pay into this when you worked. The Gov got the money. And the intent was to get it when you turned 65. But when statrted, most people did not even live to age 65. There go, you lose. Now that we as a people live long past age 65 they keep raising the age for you to draw your SS. Now the problem is that now if you start at age 65 or 67 and you live to be 80, look at how much you draw vs how much you actually paid in. WOW – SWEET DEAL for you. But you must also look at the numbers and ask, where does the money come from? When you draw your SS, most likely you will draw from funds being paid by those working RIGHT NOW, because the money you paid in was gone long ago. But if you really want to understand what FDR did “for you” then read a book called NEW DEAL or RAW DEAL. Ever heard of the NRA? Nope not the National Rifle Association. The NRA was first called the NIRA and then was renamed the NRA (National Recover Act). Sound familiar? How about the The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) (Pub.L. 111–5), commonly referred to as the Stimulus or The Recovery Act, was an economic stimulus package enacted by the 111th United States Congress in February 2009 and signed into law on February 17, 2009, by President Barack Obama.

This act did very little to help. Example is this: I worked for the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE). Where does the ACOE get it’s money? Taxes. Who pays taxes? People who work for a living. The intent of the ARRA was to get America back to work. Because when more people work, they pay taxes and buy things. When people buy things and pay taxes the economy grows. So what did the Gov do. They gave lots of money to the ACOE. Millions of dollars. What did the ACOE do with that. They brough in 25 temp employees to help the current employees do the jobs they were paid big money to do. This is just one small example and location. Did that help the overall economy? Very little if any. Because all this money given to the Gov (ACOE) by the Gov (Treasury) to pay temp employes to do work someone is already getting paid to do. OH – I forgot. Each of these new temp employees had to have background checks, desks, work areas, computers and on and on.

Again – How did we get here – Part Two

Part three will arrive later.


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