State of the Union Address – IMO

My fellow countrymen & women. As the President of the United States this is my State of the Union Address. These are to tell the American people where we stand as a nation (or Union). Most of the past Presidents have all told you what you wanted to hear. I however am going to for once in your life tell you the truth, because as American I know you can handle it. This will be short.

The State of the Union is bad. We are $17 Trillion in debt. The housing markets and economy have not rebounded as we had homes. Our children are going to college, spending close to $50 to $150 thousand in debt for jobs that are not there. Some will never be able to repay these debts. We are hemorrhaging money to countries that hate us. The Federal Government has taken on too much over the past 75 years and we must reverse course. There is huge overspending on anything the Gov buys, money does not get where it needs to and taxes & regulations have brought the economic train to a halt. The Fed Gov has tried and failed to regulated all aspects of your lives. So my next 3 years on office are going to be very rough on everyone, but the end result will make the United States a beacon of hope for the world once again.

Step 1 is we will no longer send any aid to any country except Israel. If you want any aid, you will be required to provide some sort of goods or services to the USA that we can actually use. This will be steel, oil, natural resources.

Step 2 We will dismantle and cease all operations in the Dept of Education and send it back to the states to manage, track and oversee. All Dept of Education employees will be given one year to apply for any current opening in Gov service or to transfer to the private sector.

Step 3 The Supreme Court will NO LONGER deal with the institution of marriage and the legality of it. That is not part of what the Fed Gov does. That will be turned back to the states to decide.

Step 4 We will required the Congress & House to meet for 6 month out of the year ONLY. The rest of the time you will work in the civilian sector of your represented area and will live, work and converse with your constituents. Your salary will be cut down to the same pay as a E-5 Sergeant in the Untied States Army. You will have a term limit of TWO TERMS only. NO EXCEPTIONS. Once your terms are completed you can not become a lobbyist for any civilian company or Gov contractors.

Step 5 All soldiers will be returned to the United States and will be stationed on the border between the USA and Mexico. We will secure the borders. If you enter the USA illegally you will be sent back immediately upon the first offense. The second offense you will be jailed for 1 year. The 3rd offense will face 5 years. The jail will be the exact type used in Sheriff Arpio system in Arizona. No luxuries. They will be tents, have chain gangs and you will eat a minimal American diet.

Step 6. If we ever go to war with anyone we will go to win, win quickly and the only outcome will be total and unconditional surrender. Afterwards we will not nation build or rebuild your country.

Step 7. FEMA will be abolished along with the TSA. The USPS and AMTRAK will receive NO Federal funds. They will either sink or swim on their own.

Step 8 The Federal tax code will be rewritten. Taxes will be 10% for anyone making over $75K per year. No loopholes, no deductions.

Step 9 The Food & drug admin will stop all operations except food safety. If you want to drink a 32oz soda, so be it. If you eat so much that you can’t move out of your house or work or even wipe you own ass because you’re on the MY 1000lb LIFE SPECIAL you will also not get welfare, food stamps or SS Disability.

Step 10 The Fed Gov is now out of the babysitting job. We will go back to the constitution and to 10 Amendment and follow it.

OK – I think you get the point.Would this work, nope because all the people getting kickbacks, presents from Santa (big Gov) would throw a fit.


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