Obama’s America

Obama is the biggest divider I have ever seen at POTUS. Everybody gets and equal shot at success. We are all born the same, naked and with nothing. We all have the opportunity to achieve wealth, greatness, or to fall flat on our faces and do nothing. He talked about income inequality. What does he want from us. Does he want you to give what you worked for to someone else because you busted your ass, got an education, a trade, or just worked your way up the chain in some company and you’re doing well now? I say HELL NO. I do not want the Bill Gates or Donald Trump of the world to give me money they earned to make my life better. They earned that money, not me. What the hell have we become as a people? I know people in our own family that say well the Papa Johns guy needs to give some to others. He did – dumb asses. He built a franchise that allowed others to get into business on their own and hire others who can work their way up. But if they do not have the drive to work their way up, hell no they do not get anything.

As far as min wage. Raising it destroys jobs, always has. If an employer has 50 workers and now has to pay them $2.35 more per hour that will cost him $4700 per week for those 50 employees. That = $244,400 per year. So to make that up an employer who does not have a huge profit margin will not eliminate 10 employees to save $48,880. Then some say, raise your prices for your products. Then you have the chance of losing customers or some other business beats you out because their cost is better. So raising the min wage does not always work that way you think. Plus if your working at a min wage job, you will normally have the drive in you to do better and work your way up to better & better paying jobs. Unless you are satisfied with min wage jobs and if so, fine.

I DID NOT watch the SOTU address. I have had all I can stand of this wanna be dictator. He is nothing more than a community organizer, who speaks really well and tell people what they want to hear, along with being Santa Clause to so many. He does not take the oath seriously, nor the Constitution. He says over and over he will do what he wants. Our Gov was never designed that way. And for all of you who support him and want it that way. Tell you what. Let him do what he wants. But when the next POTUS gets into office and he is a TEA PARTY CONSERVATIVE, we get to do the same thing and YOU can not say one damn word. We both know that ain’t gonna happen.

I can not take much more of this guy. I for one do not wish him any harm and will continue to pray for him. Not that he succeeds or gets all he wants, but that God wakes him up to the fact that he took an oath and that he is not The King of America but he is The President of the United States of America. And we have 50 states.



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