How did we get here – part three (final)

In closing I was to say that none of these changes will provide immediate turn around and I seriously doubt people well ever do them but keep reading.

Long ago  we used to sit as a family at the supper table. Some said a prayer before the meal, some did not. Most homes had a mother and a father. The father worked and the mother did once the kids were in school. You respected your parents because to not do so meant the belt and there was no such thing as a time out. Were all these thing perfect? Nope but that was the way it was overall. Parents provided you with what you NEEDED, not what you wanted. Every time you went to the store you did not get a toy or a treat, and Christmas was limited so what you did get was “greatly” appreciated.

As time went on mothers & fathers found it easier to divorce. Children had single parents more and more. We stopped eating at the table as a family and went to McDonald’s and the fast food chains. We took prayer out of our homes and the schools as not to offend others, took the flags downs and the 10 Commandments were removed from almost everywhere.

Mothers and fathers sent their kids off to babysitters so they could drink, go out on the towns, do drugs and party till they puked. They came home drunk and the children got to see their shining examples. (Never saw that in my parents). Parents told their kids not to smoke or drink or do drugs but what they saw was the total opposite.

We quit looking at the rich guy in town as someone to emulate and started to look at him (or her) as someone to loathe and despise. Even our Government wants those who have worked hard to take what they earned and give it to those who have little or nothing. Many of these well to do actually do give to charities and help many in need. But Gov directed sharing is theft, pure and simple.So what do we do now?

A. Lead by example (your children are not stupid, they see your hypocrisy)

B. Eat supper as a family at the table and talk to each other. NOTE: Texting & email is NOT talking.

C. Get prayer back in your life, your home, your schools along with the 10 Commandments

D. Reestablish morals, integrity, duty, honor and help you fellow human being.

E. Act as if Jesus is looking over your shoulder all the time.

NOTE: You can add so much more. Will all these things change us overnight and make us better. NOPE. But we did not get here over night. It took many years. Can you or I change the world? YES We can each do our part to change ourselves, our manner, our actions and eventually, over time if it were to spread, we may be able to change our part of the world. Hopeless to even try? What have got to lose by trying. And you have everything to gain even if you only succeed in your own life and the life of your family. And if you only die with the personal satisfaction that you did your best, then you succeeded.

How did we get here – over time. How will we get there – again over time.


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