Hobby Lobby Ruling and the SCOTUS

Here is my opinion for all it is worth to some.

First off I do not think any employer should be REQUIRED to provide an employee with healthcare – period. And if an employer does, it should be based on #1 – their financial status (what can the business afford, make a profit and still be competitive) #2 – the business owner or board of directions decision even if it is base on their religious preferences. My bottom line is that if you do not like what your employer offers in the way of WAGES, HEALTHCARE BENEFITS, DENTAL, MEDICAL or RETIREMENT PLANS, find another job.

Now I want each of you to notice the left & rights responses to this latest ruling and if you pull your head out of your ass and start looking you will see them. First off when Obamacare came up with this mandate I do not remember anyone on the right saying, lets burn them to the ground, for us to hate anyone, etc or to do any type of violence to any person or business. There may have been but I watch a lot of news and have not seen any.

Now I want you to notice what you see from the left. Talk of burning Hobby Lobby to the ground, violence, etc. But the left says on a regular basis that Conservatives are hateful, violent, want women to dies and be denied rights, and that anybody who aligns them selves with those on the right are TERRORIST and even some Democrats say these very things.

So as you listen to the news (which many of you DO NOT) you need to start to listen to what they say and how that say it and decide for your self who is more of a terrorist, evil, hateful, etc. And if you align yourself with those whom are saying “burn Hobby Lobby to the ground, The TEA party and those on the right are TERRORIST, then so be it. And when you do please stop following me on TWITTER, UN-friend me on Face Book and please just go away because you and I have no reason to be friends – period. No we do not have to agree on everything, but if you think we on the right are TERRORIST and want to harm others or burn Hobby Lobby to the ground you and I are way to far apart on things to associate.


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