Women prohibited from getting birth control? Not so fast……

Did the ruling with the SCOTUS prohibit women from getting birth control? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

As a matter of fact there are many items that even Hobby Lobby and others will provide for women through their health care plans. But the ruling just ensure that:

# 1 Women can still get any type of birth control they want that is legal.

# 2 Hobby Lobby does not have to provide items that they feel contradict their moral & religious beliefs. Their insurance can STILL PROVIDE these items for the women (if the women was to add that to their plans) but this can not be billed back to Hobby Lobby (and others who fall under this ruling).

SUMMARY: Women are not being denied anything. They can have any legal item & type of contraception they want, they just have to A: get it added to their plans or B: pay for it themselves.

So as some of the women are saying “It is not my bosses business !!!!” I agree 100%. Go buy it if you want it. I think that this is a win for women everywhere.

NOTE: Did you see what that evil Hobby Lobby pays their employees? You should check it out for yourself.


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