To some it is stupid to even be involved with guns. I have been around them my entire life from my dads sporting goods store in Pontiac, Illinois, pheasant hunting with him when I was a kid, to my almost 30 years in the Army. Guns are not evil, they do not assault anyone. Guns are a tool like a hammer to a carpenter. In skilled hands they can do a lot of good, to include feeding your family in Alaska to protecting your loved ones when the bad guys come knocking. They also provide many with the joys of collecting, shooting, competition and just accessorizing their guns. Most gun lovers have more  than one gun.

Guns also gave us our freedom from Great Britain long ago. Without guns we never would have won WWI or WWII and all other conflicts we have been involved with. And if you say “see guns are bad, look at the masses killed in the wars” Please look back in history long before guns and what do you see. Long before guns we did a great job of killing each other so guns are not the issue, people are.

So for those gun haters, I respect your right to hate, not want, or to never own a gun. I ask that you respect my right to own as many as I want and to own they types I want. And the NRA has had long history of teaching gun safety, range safety and protecting our rights  to own guns. The 2nd Amendment ensures we are able to keep all other rights. Do away with guns and the right to own them and see how fast you lose freedom of speech, assembly and so on.


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