Opinionated, Politicical views, why so vocal

How many of you have seen my posts?  They have been on political, personal and controversial items and wonder why I am so vocal? Well there is a reason for it,so let me explain a few things, not that I have to but so you know why.

I spent most of my adult life in the Army. While many of you who have served understand this, those who have never served do not. While in the service to the Gov, being it as a civilian, elected official, member of the FBI, CIA, or working for the DOD as a soldier or civilian, we DO NOT have the same rights as your everyday non-Gov employee. There are rules and guidelines we are REQUIRED to follow. One such set of rules I was under is the UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice. We can not while in uniform wear any sign, badge or banner endorsing any political candidate or current political official. We can not speak to the public about political issues.  Our normal voice is on heard at the polling places. But even that is many times null & void because we normally use absentee ballots, which are hardly ever counted.

Did you know this? Bet not.

So once we retire or leave Gov service we now can be more vocal. Some do not care while in the service of the Gov, some do. I have for many years cared about the issues but was kept silent. I did my best to vote when I could. Now I want YOU to be informed. So get used to this, because I WILL NOT STOP.

You can un-friend me on FB, you can not follow me on Twitter or my blog page. The choice is yours. I support your right to turn me off and not listen to anything I say. I too have un-friended and even blocked people on FB. Family members as well. I sleep very well at night and you will too.

Make it a great day my friends.



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