Cop kills man at wedding & my comments on guns

In short – the cop did everything correctly here. That is based on what I see from the video. Having said that I am not here to judge every event that happens. The law enforcement personnel do a very tough job and have to make split second decision that may decide if they themselves live or die. To second guess them is not something I will do. I am not there to see all the behind the scenes items that happen around them, before or after that influences their split second decisions.

At a recent event we were having discussions on this and a few other topics to include guns. So lets start with a few topics and see where it goes. Please note that you can comment on this blog and I encourage you to do so. And yes if you get really nuts on me, your comment will NOT be posted. This is my blog so get over it. Now let’s get on with this.

1. GUNS & WHO SHOULD HAVE THEM & WHO SHOULD NOT: Some people feel the general public has no business with guns. Yes there are some out there who should not have a gun because of instability, mental incapacity, or maybe someone with no arms. But the physical incapacity I see a very limited inability on that one. Reason is I saw a video of a man with no arms shooting, loading the magazine and inserting & removing the mag along with cocking a 45 cal piston with his feet & toes. Now that was impressive. Here is the video: Man with no arms shooting a 45 .So before you think a man with no arms can not have a gun – think again. Mental abilities may limit someone as well. And then there are the criminals. Lets get into that area. Criminals vs law-abiding citizens. You do understand that a criminal does not respect or intend to follow the laws (we know this because they have broken them in the past and that is why they are now criminals) So passing more and more laws to stop criminals is going to work? I think not. Some feel we do not need guns at all. The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution provision was put into the Constitution so WE THE PEOPLE can be armed against an out of control Government. The 2nd Amendment has nothing to do with hunting at all. Some say it means we can only have gun of the times back then. The men who wrote these amendments were intelligent beyond people of today in using the word Right to bear “ARMS” and not muskets. As far as full automatic weapons here is some info for you:

It has been unlawful since 1934 (The National Firearms Act) for civilians to own machine guns without special permission from the U.S. Treasury Department. Machine guns are subject to a $200 tax every time their ownership changes from one federally registered owner to another, and each new weapon is subject to a manufacturing tax when it is made, and it must be registered with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives (ATF) in its National Firearms Registry.

To become a registered owner, a complete FBI background investigation is conducted, checking for any criminal history or tendencies toward violence, and an application must be submitted to the ATF including two sets of fingerprints, a recent photo, a sworn affidavit that transfer of the NFA firearm is of “reasonable necessity,” and that sale to and possession of the weapon by the applicant “would be consistent with public safety.” The application form also requires the signature of a chief law enforcement officer with jurisdiction in the applicant’s residence.

Since the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act of May 19, 1986, ownership of newly manufactured machine guns has been prohibited to civilians. Machine guns which were manufactured prior to the Act’s passage are regulated under the National Firearms Act, but those manufactured after the ban cannot ordinarily be sold to or owned by civilians.

2. GUN FREE ZONES: As you see above criminal do not care about laws you make, that is why they are criminals. So when you place a sign in your yard that says NO GUNS ALLOWED, NO ALARM SYSTEMS HERE and lot of gold inside the criminals know they got a free ticket to use a gun and get what they want. And your every day law-abiding citizen will not be in there with a weapon, got it? See this is not rocket science. When you put signs at schools that say GUN FREE ZONE some of you for some strange reason think that will keek guns out. Well actually it does in a way. The GOOD GUYS with guns stay away, leave their gun at home and would not set foot in a gun free zone with their guns because they know that it is against THE LAW and they do not want to lose their CCDW permits. but the bad guys who want to kill your children look at that and say. Police are 20 min away so I got 20 min to kill as many of your children as possible before a cop shows up. DOES THIS REALLY MAKE ANY SENSE TO YOU?

Now lets say you replace the sign on the left with the one on the right:

Gun Sign Now if you are a bad guy and plan to kill unarmed children at a school do you think you would prefer the one on the left at that school or would you stop and think if you saw the one on the right? Do the bad guys attack the White-house, the Police stations or jails or gun shops? Not usually unless they are really stupid. So again think all of these thing through before you jump on the ANTI GUN wagon.

3. SEMI-AUTO: I am sure you have heard in the past about theses ASSAULT RIFLES. Please never use that term. The term is a lie used by gun grabbers and politicians to scare you and so far you have fallen for it. They use the term AR-15 to mean Assault Rifle -15.

The AR-15 is a common assault rifle. Very similar in looks to an M-16, but not exactly.

AR does NOT stand for Assault Rifle, as is commonly believed. AR stands for the original company that manufactured it, ArmaLite. ArmaLite sold their rights to the AR-10 and AR-15 designs in 1959 to Colt.

With a simple barrel and receiver switch, this rifle can fire 14 different calibers and sizes of ammunition, ranging from .22LR to .50BMG.

Completely customizable, this rifle can also be a personal defense firearm at less than 36 inches long, to a sniper rifle over 50 inches.

Standard magazine is 30 rounds, but aftermarket 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 60, 90, and 100 round magazines are available as well, but only the 5 round, non-detachable mag is legal in California. These mags are breech loaded, and do NOT come off. The reason for this is because of the Assault Weapon Ban that The Clinton Administration put into affect, and this method of semi-automatic action slows the loading process and is supposed to reduce murders. All it did was boost illegal weapon sales.

With the modular accessory rail, hundreds of different aftermarket accessories are available. These range from simple, and relatively cheap in price, tac-lights, vertical secondary pistol grips,to night-sights, to bipods, to thermal scopes, to night-vision scopes and infrared scopes beyond normal mag-scopes with somewhere around 20+ compatible scopes. Other accessories are different stocks, from collapsibles to solid body, to skeleton, to adjustables.

These rifles, when sighted in are accurate up to 500 yards, with a range well beyond that.

The semi-automatic feed uses a direct gas impingement system. (If lost with this term, use wiki)

This rifle was designed by Eugene Stoner in 1958 as an updated, lighter version of the AR-10. The design was initially submitted as a new rifle for the US Armed Forces, and is what the M-16 was based off of.

Overall, this is a very effective weapon for home defense, hunting, sharpshooting, and just fun at the range.

Semi automatic rifles are NOT the same as the Military Rifles.Semi-auto means you pill the trigger once you get one bullet down range. TO get a second bullet down range you must pull the trigger again. NOW – some can pull the trigger faster than others but the military used full auto. They pull and hold the triggers and they can send 700-1200 rounds down range per minute. That = 11 to 20 rounds per second. NOT THE SAME AT ALL for all those who say we need to ban these MILITARY STYLE WEAPONS. No as far as LOOKS, yes they look like a Military style weapon but I can go to Walmart and other stores and buy BB guns, soft pellet guns and even toy guns that look just like a military style M16 or M4. EXTREME EXAMPLE: I can put tons of makeup on, put a dress on & wig but that does not make me a woman. (WOW that was a scary vision)

4. AMMO CAPACITY: So many want to limit our magazine sizes saying only the military needs a 30 round mag. FYI the militarily does have 30 round mags, but they also have belt feeds which run 1000 rounds through so 30 rounds is not that much. Some was pistols to be only 5 or 10 rounds because no one needs 10 rounds to stop a bad guy. Some even say 6 guys should take only 6 rounds to stop them. GOOD LUCK their dead-eye. There are people out there who are very large, some are on drugs, some are high on adrenaline and it may take 6 shots just to stop the one person. It may even take 10 or 15 because under stress you WILL MISS YOUR TARGET MORE THAN ONCE. So you have a 10 round mag. You got a big guy on drugs coming at you with a knife or maybe just hs bare hands. How many times do you shoot? Do you fire a warning shot first? Answers: Never fire a warning shot. In most cases it is against the law. If you feel for your life and you feel the need to pull the gun out the first thing I hope that happens is the bad guy sees the gun and stops. Not lets say he is coming towards you fast. How much time do you have? NOT VERY MUCH So he starts your way, you feel for your life, you pull the gun, if he does not stop how many times do you shoot and where do you aim. You aim for center of mass. That is the largest area of the body – period. And when you shoot you keep shooting until he bad guy stops doing what he is doing. Now if the bad guy dies then while that is a sad thing, you have to understand it is either YOU or HIM. And he made the choice to attack you – period.

5. SOME OF YOU: Some of you think guns are bad. The truth is guns are a tool in your tool box. That hammer sitting in your box can not jump out and bust some person head open all by itself. Neither can the butcher knife in your kitchen drawer. Nor your machete or your bow & arrows, or your car, or a screwdriver. Have you ever looked to see how many are killed by hammers, knives, cars, etc but we never want to ban them do we. Of course not. So thing again about your stance on guns. Maybe your just afraid of them, do not know how to shoot. Actually just going out and shooting is a lot of fun. They are tools. a Gun is a tool that many gun owners have at their disposal to use to hunt with or as I do for my protection. And I prefer to have different tools for different situations. But not once has my gun ever moved on its own power from where I placed it. None of them do. Guns in the hands of bad people can do very bad things to the unarmed. But in the hands of the good guys (and gals) the gun can save a life or even many lives. But the news & many government agencies have an agenda to removes guns and therefore they must make them seem bad. Illinois was (I think) the last state in the union to allow CCDW. How many permits for CCDW have been requested? Over 90,000 permits for CCDW for Illinois in 2014.  And the crime rate has declined. How can that be? Some of you also think that people who owns guns are dangerous.  We who buy a gun must go through a background check when we do. We who have the CCDW permits go though an even more involved background check. So before you rant about guns. Get educated by better sources than the late night talk shows, comedy central, Jon Stewart (who I think is very funny many times) and get the facts first.

6. OWNER OR GUN REGISTRATION: In the Commonwealth of Kentucky and most other states a person is not required to register their gun. That’s TERRIBLE. Nope not one bit. Now here are some things to clarify on this subject. FIRST OFF – DO YOUR OWN HOMEWORK. but here is what I can tell you based on doing my own homework. If you go buy a gun you will have a background check done on you. Once you buy that gun you can OPEN CARRY IT in the state of KY. There are places where it is against the law to carry a gun. Schools or school grounds/property, Court Houses, Police Stations, Federal Buildings (which includes the Post Office), Military installations and some other areas. Ignorance of the law is NOT AN EXCUSE. As a matter of fact Kentucky is an OPEN CARRY STATE and you do not need a permit to own, or carry a gun openly or in your car.

NOTE: You can have a gun in your car center console or glove compartment and it is not considered “concealed’ but if you have it ON YOU concealed and do not have a CCDW PERMIT you broke the law. If you ever get pulled over by the police, NEVER SAY “I have a gun” and never reach for it. YOU MAY DIE. If you have a permit you give the officer your permit with your license & registration and then keep your hands on the TOP of the steering wheel.

KRS 527.020 – “A deadly weapon shall not be deemed concealed on or about the person if it is located in a glove compartment, regularly installed in a motor vehicle by its manufacturer regardless of whether said compartment is locked, unlocked, or does not have a locking mechanism.” Grant County Kentucky CCDW Information web site.

You will also see some business such as banks, show-houses, local stores, etc that may have a sign posted that says NO GUNS. That is the business rules and NOT LAW.They can do that and if they see you with your gun they can ask you to leave. And you must leave, no questions asked. How do I protect myself. Get a CCDW permit. So what is CCDW?

CCDW is a concealed carry permit. You hide the gun on you and carry where ever you want as long it is not AGAINST THE LAW as in Federal buildings, Court Houses, Schools, etc. If you take a CCDW class they will explain this to you. You can go into these store who have signs saying NO GUNS and there is no problem unless they see it. Then all they can do is ask you to leave. The idea behind CONCEALED CARRY is to keep it hidden, out of sign. This will benefit you when the bad guys start looking around. You will have the element of surprise. I intend to use the element of surprise to keep me alive and others if possible.

7. IN CLOSING: this has been one of my LONGER THAN NORMAL POSTS. Feel free to comment on here (not Facebook or Twitter). Excuse some of the grammar, wrong words or spelling as I an not a PROFESSIONAL WRITER, so get over it. If you have other questions, send them to my (on the blog comments so other can see them) and I will respond.


  1. Ignorance of the law is no excuse
  2. You and you alone are responsible for every bullet that exits your gun barrel. Know your surroundings
  3. Never fire a warning shot
  4. Never shoot to wound, always shoot to stop. If the bad guy dies in the end, that was his choice, not mine
  5. Practice – practice – practice
  6. A guns worst enemy is rust & politicians
  7. Keep you gun clean and ready at all times
  8. If you CCDW then carry all the time because you never know.





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