Feeding Birds in the Winter & Welfare

I was looking out back watching the birds as they were eating the food I put out for them and strangely enough it made me think of all things – WELFARE.


Long before Welfare & food stamps, what did people do. They fended for themselves because the Gov was not there to “take care of them” Birds are the same was. If you stop putting out food for them, what happens? They go someplace else. They go find food such as bugs, and seeds in the woods, bugs in logs, in trees, in grass and they survive. The may actually get more nutritional food from mother nature than the processed seeds we provide for them.


So the bottom line is this. Are we he helping the birds by feeding them? Do they learn over time that “we put out & provide food” so they do not have to put forth effort to find their own? And if we did this for years and then stopped would they die? Long ago there was no welfare of food stamps. People (family, churches & towns) took care of those in need. i think that part of the problems we face today are because we have provided for peoples needs and even gone so far as to provide for their wants such as cell phones, internet, food stamps (where they can abuse the system & buy or trade them for other wants). Churches used to be relevant in our communities. No longer for many because what does the church offer for people needs. The Gov has taken on that role at the expense of the taxpayers, like it or not. Used to churches helped people out of the goodness of their peoples hearts. This actually helped many turn to God in tough times. Now they turn to  the Gov. Ever consider this? I have.


More Gov help = Less church involvement = less morality for many = more broken homes = more crime.


So as you feed the birds consider this.


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