Buy a gun, get a CCDW permit, practice often & carry one NOW !

To all my friends and family. I wish all of you peace, love, safety and happiness all the days of your lives:

But the facts are the world is a dangerous place where some people want to steal your stuff, harm or even kill you and it may be for no reason or it may be to get money to buy drugs or maybe just because they are evil. Who knows why one human inflicts harm or death on another.

Some of you live in very close proximity to others and this can provide a level of safety & security. Some of you live in rural areas and others live out in the country. The more remote you are the more likely you are to deal with theft, break-ins and home invasions. The reason is many people are NOT armed and the bad guys know the police, even when called take time to arrive at these rural areas. So here are some considerations to improve your positions and abilities to fight off the perpetrators.

Many of you and I are not able to fight off a group or a person larger or stronger than we are. There ways to help you have the upper hand in an unfair fight for life. Ever heard the term – Never bring a knife to a gun fight? That is very true.

Alarm systems are great for your homes. Cameras will help identify the bad guys as well. But will either of these STOP them from kicking your doors in, attacking you, raping you, killing you? – NO they will not.

Pepper spray? Yes it may help or it may also just make them really mad and cause them to take even more rage out of you or your family. Never bring pepper spray to a gun or knife fight.

Gun? NO WAY, they are dangerous, and I am scared of guns. I have children, no way I am having a gun in my home. You are afraid because you have never taken the time to learn, use, operate and experience one much. A gun is a tool and when utilize safely, properly and after practice, a gun can be the best way for you to equalize or even raise your chances of survival against a much larger, stronger or even more than one perpetrator.

I fear a chain saw more than a gun. Chain saws have a spinning set of teeth that can break, fly off their path and chew flesh to and through the bone. Chain saws can kick back and remove an arm, leg, hand or even fly into you neck cutting a main artery causing certain death. But a chain saw in the hands of a trained, skilled person can fall huge trees, make works of art from wood and ice. GET MY POINT!

What gun should I get? One you can handle, shoot, hit the target and that has the firepower to stop the bad guys. 22’s are not reliable, even though a properly places 22 can kill a person just as dead. Some of the best and as always this is a matter of opinion, are the  38, 9MM, 40Cal. A 45CAL is good but they are bigger, more expensive to shoot, normally provide less ammo and can kick more which are not good for many people, especially some women.

Revolvers vs semi auto depends. For many women revolvers in 38 Special Hollow Points are awesome because they do not kick as much, easy to operate. Drawback – only 5 or 6 rounds.

I prefer 9MM Semi-auto. And ALWAYS use hollow points to stop the bad guys. I also like the 40CAL hollow points as well.

The reason for hollow points are these: #1 they will get slowed down more if you hit a wall in a home and hopefully will not go into your neighbor’s home. #2 they tend to do the most damage to the person if you actually hit them.

Do you shoot to wound or shoot to kill? NEITHER You shoot to stop the threat. Never fire a warning shot. Never pull out your gun unless you intend to use it.

Never shoot to wound like in the leg or arm, etc. This target is normally smaller, moving and the bad guys will be on you father than you can imagine. Shoot for the larger target – the body. Bugger target = better chances to stop the bad guys.

Shoot to kill? No, you only shoot to stop. But if the person keeps coming, you keep shooting. If the person dies then know that their choice for you to keep shooting was decided by them, not you and their end result is on them, not you.

In the end – the choice to protect yourself, your family and your property is up to you and you alone. Law enforcement are not sitting in your home at your ready. You do not have a police officer with you everywhere you go. Your protection and safety is up to you. Do not buy a gun if you do not want to. And God forbid if anything happens, call the police and pray they arrive on time. For me personally I have, carry and will carry all the time. The 2nd Amendment allows me the right to protect my life, my liberty and to hopefully live to pursue happiness  for many years to come.

In closing I repeat what I said to start this post off with.

To all my friends and family. I wish all of you peace, love, safety and happiness all the days of your lives:


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