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Tipper is going down hill rather quickly these past few days. She has gone from doing a rather fast morning walks, acting like she wants to play, eating really good and being her normal pain in the butt self – to sleeping all the time, not eating, drinking very little and losing almost 2 pounds in a week.

She has only eaten two very small amounts of food in the past week (one she threw up). We have contacted the vet and he agrees that she is most likely giving up on living.

We lost Daisy Mae in 2011. We will most likely lose Tipper this week coming up, unless something changes. While being prepared as we can for this, it will still be a devastating time for us.

Tipper and her daddy are very close. I take her for her walks, out to potty any time she needs to go even at 3AM. Tipper and her mommy are just as close. Vera feeds her and ensures she has fresh food and water. When Tipper comes in from her walk she will get frantic if she can not find Vera.

Tipper is 18 yrs and 4 months as of December 3rd. Not sure if she will even make it that far. We never expected her to live for 18 years because several years ago (at about 14 yrs of age) we were told of her heart condition. She even passed out once and we thought she was dying that day a few years back. To our surprise she is a fighter and has fought a long fight to stay around a little longer. Guess all that good food, teeth cleanings, and medical care benefited to her long life. Protein builds strong muscles.

Daisy and Tipper have been a huge part of our lives when we had no family around at all. Wisconsin we had Tipper. We moved to Utah and got Daisy. If it were not for these two “best friends” we would have had a lot harder times dealing with being so far away. So to call either of them just dogs is not acceptable for us. When I was mobilized and almost sent to Iraq, Tipper & Daisy were there for Vera 24/7. Family could not do that because families have their own lives to live. Tipper & Daisy are family, fur-babies, 4 legged children of ours, friends, companions and lone more unconditionally than anyone can.

We already have the urn purchased for Tipper and arrangement for her to be cremated with Faithful Friends. When Tipper does pass we will be devastated, most likely cry for days. We did with Daisy – we will with Tipper.

For now, we wait – we watch – we provide care & comfort – we are there for her like she has been there for us. We meet her every need, not matter how small, no matter how large, no matter what cost. We will be there for her like she has been there for us for over 18 years of her precious life. As I write I cry. Maybe this is my therapy. We both love Tipper so much. Tipper depends on us for everything. Food, water, go potty, medical care for everything. To have something that needs you for their very existence is a tremendous burden to some, but for us has been a tremendous blessing and privilege.

Our future plans on pets are these: We have no intention of replacing Daisy and we have no intention to replace Tipper. They have/had their own totally different personalities. We plan to be pet free for a long long time. Yes, things change but we will make that decision if and when it becomes right for us. So please out of respect, do not tell us about a pet needing a home. We are animal lovers but the time has come to be pet free for awhile. Daisy nor Tipper can ever be “replaced” and will always hold very special places in our hearts and lives.


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