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This is my “personal” blog and information site. Enjoy information, pictures, insights and thoughts. I am going to blog about just about anything that comes to my mind. So this may be a bumpy ride from time to time. Here we go. So come on, sign up for the blog on the right side and get notified when something gets posted…….if you dare.

Before you go just remember this is “MY BLOG” so it is just like the TV or radio. If you do not like what you see, turn the channel, log off, close the link and go away. If you like, come back, subscribe. I am not here to make everyone happy – so get over  that fact right away. The problem is I have very distinct views on some things. If I think something or someone is stupid, I may just say it is stupid. Some of the problems in the world today are the fact that we no longer tell the cold hard truth. If I do and it offends you or even pisses you off, well sucks to be you.


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