Still Serving

Background: My name is MSG Kenneth R. Shepherd. I am a Kentucky Colonel and a NRA Lifetime Member. I have served my in the United States Army for over 30 years. I have 3 Meritorious Service Medals, 7 – Army Commendation Medals, 3 – Army Achievement Medals, 7 – Army Good Conduct Medals, Global War on Terrorism Medal, National Defense Service Medal 2nd award, Advanced NCO Professional Developement Medal.

Other Achievements or awards: My team supported the Engineers who built parts of the Walton, KY park to include the ball field. My team won the Army Chief of Staff, Award for Maintenance Excellence 6 yrs in a row and once came in at Department of the Army level second place for heavy density. I planned and organized the Logistics part of Operation Musket fury for the 478th Engr Bn. Vera and I set up and organized the first Family Support Group at the 478th during the 1991 Gulf War. I was instrumental in the logistics operation of our equipment move and operations  in the 397th Engr Co training at Fort Irwin, CA. I set up, planned & coordinated all major parts of the first ever open house for the 786th QM Bn, Provo Utah. I have received a Certificate of Appreciation from Brigham Young University for support of ROTC, Ranger Challenge Championship. As part of my last unit of assignment I was for 5 yrs tha Acting Command Sergeant Major any time the position was vacant. I was also the NCOIC of all of the Active duty personnel assigned to the 7 units under the command & control of our Battalion HQ. As of Nov 11th, 2011 I am now a Kentucky Colonel. I was told this was awarded by reason of my contribution to my country and to the community. There are more but these are the major accomplishments and contributions.

My views on issues: I am the author of this page. I am conservative, I believe in the freedoms of the Constitution, small Federal Government roles and lower taxes so We the People can spend, save or invest our own money as we see fit. If you’re rich and you got that way by investing, working hard, inheritance, lottery or any other legal way and did not cheat, steal or swindle it from someone else, I am glad for you. Use your money as you see fit. Hopefully you will help others with some of it. I am American

I believe in the Christian way of life and try to follow those values. Ye shall know them by their fruits. If you steal – you’re a thief, if you lie – you’re a liar, if you do drugs – you’re a druggie, if you cheat you’re an adulterer or adulteress. So get over the judging crap. Are you going to heaven or hell, I do not know but I think the bible is pretty clear on many things, not so much on others. Just because you sit in church does not make you a Christian anymore than standing in your garage makes you a car. Be an example to others and to your children. If there is something you would not do in front of your children or your pastor, or for that matter Jesus Christ looking over your shoulder, then maybe you should not do it. Just saying. I am not your judge, but I do know right from wrong. And I do have the right and ability to judge your actions and determine that your fruits are rotten or not. PS: and the judge not lest ye be judged thing, I have no problem with that either.

Don’t follow the crowd, think about what you’re doing and make sure it is what YOU want to do. You only have one life to live. Party till you puke went out long ago. If you have children, set the example. I for one am not here to be your best friend and tell you all the things you “want to hear”. If you ask my opinion, be prepared to get my opinion – good and bad.


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