Happy New Year:


Hoping to add more quality (not quantity) FB, Twitter & Blog friends in 2015. But for those who already are here with me, I have developed a plan. I am going to tell you what kind of person I am and give you the option to OPT OUT as a FB friend if you choose. No hard feeling or anything.

I am a Conservative who wants less Government and more freedoms back. I am a Constitutional Liberty & Freedom loving American. I despise President Barrack Husein Obama. I am not a racist for doing so. Because in fact I despise FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon, Bill Clinton and yes even Bush 43 (for abandoning the free market system to save the free market system & TSA to name a few) and all of these President were “white” so get off you racist rants.

I am not going to stop with what I feel so very strongly about, so get over it. I think we (over many many years) will fall as a country into a Socialist / Communist type leadership (or dictatorship).

I believe in God, Jesus and feel you cannot live just any way you want and still make it to the man upstairs. You do what you want but I just do not think it works that way. I am NOT your judge of whether you make it to heaven or not, but I can judge your fruits just as much as you can judge mine. If you steal you are a thief and so on – PERIOD. If you are an atheist or non-believer, I do not hate you one bit. I’d like to think we can get along with one another and move on. If atheist are right, then believers have lost nothing. If believers are right, atheist have lost everything.

I think that guns WILL BE taken away from citizens. Next week, next year, nope, but over the next 25 to 50 years. Possibly longer but I do think it will happen.

If you see that I helped someone, or did not help another, too bad. I decide who, what, when, where & how I want to help another. I also decide when to start or stop helping others. And I also decide if I think others need to know who I helped and how. It is not your decision, so getting your approval was not in the cards, never has been, never will be. “SURPRISE” you’re not important to my decision make process. And if I want to help an animal vs a human, so be that as well.

Everybody want to be liked by everyone. WAKE UP – that is not real life. Last but least. I have comments on here some do not like. I also have some on my blogs some do not like. I do not really care if you like them or not. I am tired of worrying about your feelings and do not ask you to worry about mine. If my comments, posts or blogs bother you, feel free to delete me. And that even goes for friends, family and anybody else on here. I am NOT going to lose any sleep over it if you leave.

I do not hate anyone and I am just trying to give you options, because I am not lowering my standards, beliefs or changing my mission or methods for anyone. If you yourself are prejudice against black, white or other races, people who have red hair, black hair or blond hair, people who are skinny, fat, ugly then I really do not want to hear your prejudices. And if you start I will get up and walk away from you.

If you want to delete me, block me or just move on with your life, here is your chance. You do not even need to tell me in advance or later or even give a reason why. But if you stay DO NOT EVER call me out for doing what I do, say, post or what you “think” I meant. And if you do call me out I will respond, so be forewarned.

If you leave me, then all I can say is God Bless and hope you have a happy life. I do not wish you anything bad, we just do not see eye to eye. No big deal, life is not over.


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