Remember Daisy Mae

We had two pets, one named Tipper and the other Daisy Mae. Tipper was 2 yrs old when we got Daisy but Daisy developed congestive heart failure and cancer. Normally the Chihuahua’s live to be approx 18 yrs of age, but her medical condition took her when she was 11 yrs of age. Daisy Mae was our Chihuahua that passed away Feb 22nd 2011.
Tipper is a mixed breed, part Pom and part Yorkie. She is still alive but moving slower with each passing year. She just turned 15 in August 2012. The below video was a tribute I made to Daisy Mae. She was more than a dog (as you can see) from the video and so is Tipper. Enjoy the video if you can. May bring a tear to your eye.
Time passes, but the memories live on.

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