DoomsDay Prepper vs Normal Prepper

Is there a difference? I think there is a huge difference.

Let me address the DOOMSDAY PREPPER first. These are the ones they show on TV and they can seem funny, scary, delusional and even a little crazy at times. They are in fact trying to survive doomsday. Will they? Some will some will not but most of it will depend on the scenario. Asteroid strike, nuclear war, economic collapse all have different outcomes. Someone asked me once “what will you do if an asteroid hits the earth and destroys it. I looked at him and said “die”. Come on people are you really that dumb or do you think I am. We will all die plain and simple. But people will survive an economic collapse, possible even a nuclear war. Maybe even an asteroid strike depending on the size. Who knows for sure. With any of these situation, there will be a huge loss of life. Actually if I was going to die from any of these, I’d prefer it was quick and soon.

Normal Prepper: What do I mean normal? Someone who plans for a disaster such as storms, earthquakes, tornadoes, large & prolonged power outages. These people are not prepping for doomsday but for a very short to a prolonged event that we will recover from in anywhere from days to weeks to months. Everyone of you who has insurance is a prepper. If you have a back up generator you are a prepper. Most normal preppers do what they can with the finances they have. Those who do canning are a form of prepper. Normal preppers store food, water, probably have a few guns and ammo for defense and to hunt if need be. You may not even know they are preppers at all.

Those who make fun of prepping: For those who make fun I sincerely hope you are right in the end that there is no need to be prepared because the disaster never materializes. And some of you who think it is funny and a joke, I hope you get to continue to laugh. But what if a day comes and we have an earthquake and it causes bridges to fall cutting off the resupply routs to the stores, what if we have a huge storm come through and we lose power for weeks or months? What if we have a huge pandemic out break of a deadly flue type virus and it is not safe to travel to town. Each of you have insurance such as for your car, you home, health & life. So when you laugh at the normal prepper you need to laugh at yourself for buying insurance. Do you expect something to happen to your home, your car, your health or life? What a joke! No you are preparing just in case just like someone who may have food, water, guns or ammo stored. YOU ARE A PREPPER like it or not. No you are not a crazy you are just trying in your own way to be somewhat prepared, which makes you smarter than those who do NOTHING.

So now go do your canning, pay you life, health, car & homeowners insurance and laugh at those crazy preppers. Also do not forget to prepare for your retirement, just in case you live that long.


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